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08 Mar 12 STFC Daresbury Laboratory Grid computing, GridPP, and EGI 30 presented Particle Physics Masterclass for final year school children


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2.1. Progress Summary

2.2. Main Achievements

Over the last quarter, Glasgow has successfully upgraded its Cluster and all associated networking infrastructure to provide a robust and fully resilient service to the EGI. This includes new fibres, switches, and UPS within the cluster and across the university link to JANET. Additional supporting services such air conditioning, and power have been evaluated and, where required, will be replaced in the coming quarter. One major benefit of this work has been the release of older storage equipment for deployment into the Glasgow test Cluster which will allow for dual stack testing of IPv4 and IPv6 on DPM. The test-cluster will also be used to address other areas of interest to EGI. In the coming two quarters we plan to develop, test and deploy an automated Cluster restart system. Glasgow hope to present this work at the EGI technical Forum this autumn. They have started more active work to support the fledgling NA62 VO.

Manchester has led the UK migration to CVMFS for UK sites and defined the procedure for it: Manchester continue to cooperate with DPM developers as part of the ATLAS testbed for development code, also: Wrote tool for DPM to syncronise DB and file system and published it for other sites and documented in a blog posts: Improved algorithms of the official user selection tools now distributed in the DPM release DPM. Suggested other improvements for the DPM configuration tools which will be included in release 1.8.3

Imperial continue to lead the UK's staged rollout co-ordination. EMI UI tar ball installed now undergoing tests, still waiting for EMI WN tar ball and EMI glexec (which is becoming urgent now that WLCG is again requesting glexec at sites). Planning to test EMI-2 WMS and CE services when they become available. Many sites have installed new hardware - necessitating checking of numbers reported by monitoring pages - issue spotted and reported whereby WLCG Rebus web page apparently displaying out of date data. Contributed to coordination of UK perfsonar network monitoring rollout including communication with OSG regarding display of UK perfsonar network monitoring results on BNL web page.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Glasgow's DPM deployment encountered issues recently. The software has been upgraded and is currently being monitored to asses any remaining instability issues. The Glasgow site will also experience some additional downtime in the next two quarters as further upgrades are made to the local network infrastructure for other local user groups Further monitoring to ensure stability
RHUL site affected by glite-DPM "crashing" bug after they lost a disk server. Site notified developers and assisted in debugging by sending core dumps etc. Site seems to have worked around problems (no crashes in the last week) Further monitoring to ensure stability. Site (Brunel) has agreed to test future releases of EMI DPM for CMS