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Quarterly Report Number 5 UK NGI STFC Claire Devereux



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
31/6-1/7 STFC RAL, UK UK HEP SYSMAN meeting ~40, 7 from EGI
6/7 Oxford NGI Technical Roadmap Workshop for large projects 4 EGI people and 7 ESFRI/FP7 projects -


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
11-13/7 DESY WLCG Collaboration Meeting 4
9-10/6 CERN Federated identity system for scientific collaborations workshop 1
7/7 London Moonshot, Grid and HPC workshop 2
30/6-2/7 Amsterdam EGI Review 4 -


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2.1. Progress Summary

During Q5 the UKIROC has managed the creation of NGI_IE, the process of which was completed successfully with Ireland now being a separate NGI to the UK. Following this the creation process for NGI_UK has began. The US NGS hosted two National Technical Roadmap workshops in June and July, one aimed at UK Universities and the other at ESFRI and other large international projects. Seven UK ESFRI/FP7 projects were represented. We are in discussion with two UK sites about the IGE release trial and also in testing the nagios probes.

2.2. Main Achievements

The main achievements of Q5 are: completing the process of creating the stand alone NGI_IE. Glasgow University has outreached and supported new users from Imperial University in te Optics VO - a non particle physics community. Scotgrid is participating the in IPv6 testbed work and in deploying the new CREAM server release. Northgird continues to debug a number of operational issues such as LAN/WAN traffic rates, storage timeouts, BDII freezes and file transfers. Northgrid has been proactive in disseminating its knowledge of these solutions using its blog and also through talks.

The UK ROD team continues to monitor and support the UKs efforts in EGI. Alessandra Forti and Linda Cornwall have roles in NGI security, co-ordinated by Mingchao Ma.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Glasgow facing several day power-outage for replacement of transformers in early August meaning at least a 3-day disruption to service. Advance notice given to those affected. We will take the opportunity to address some network reconfiguration.
Manchester report that EGI release distribution process could be clearer. It is difficult to know the severity of forthcoming changes, both to repositories and location on machines Could more information be provided please?
WAN traffic issues continue at Manchester In testing with FZK and Glasgow, improvements now seen in 2/3 traffic types. Lessons learned disseminated via blog and at talks.