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QR 4 UK NGI STFC Claire Devereux



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
07/03/2011 Glasgow Managing Archeology Data 1 -
11/-5/2011 Vilnius, Lithuania EGI User Forum 8 participation in and chairing numerous sessions inc. OMB, PAC, PMB, Council, CB. NGI Exhibition Stand and UK involvement in EGI UCST stand
02/02/2011 Naples, Italy ATLAS Distributed Computing Workshop 1
29/03/2011 Sussex, UK GridPP26 Collaboration Workshop 10
31/03/2011 Sussex, UK GridPP Storage Workshop 4
04/04/2011 CERN, Switzerland Atlas Software & Computing Workshop 1


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Et al?
ATLAS Computing: From Commissioning to 7TeV Data Proceedings of Science ICHEP 2010 Issue ( 1.Graeme Stuart


2.1. Progress Summary

2.2. Main Achievements

Northgrid Manchester T1: Successfully renewed half of the ageing cluster and increased the usable storage from 88 TB to 687 TB. Moved in the UK from being the 3rd T2 producer of CPU hours used to be the 1st. Mainly Atlas and Lhcb but also dzero, pheno, hone and biomed and others for a total of 11 VOs supported.

Scotgrid Glasgow T1: Enabled a new Earth Science VO at Glasgow specifically surrounding Tectonics and Paleontology. These two complementary research programmes are held on at Glasgow.

We have also been conducting a series of outreach programmes internally at the University of Glasgow to raise awareness of Gridpp and the EGI capabilities within the University Campus and beyond to multiple non-HEP users including Earth Scientists, Medicine, the Humanities and Computer Scientists.

These short talks and presentations have led to the development of the earth science VO at Glasgow as well as interest from the archaeology department at Glasgow University into the utilisation of Grid technology for Lead Isotope Analysis and the potential for a project on Material failure analysis for historic buildings. Additionally, Dr Chris Sainsbury, a consultant at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow has expressed interest in using Grid technologies for analysis of non patient specific data. These projects are in their infancy but will allow for the development of greater cross community work in both the UK and worldwide due to the nature of the projects currently being discussed.

A major achievement was the discussions held after a presentation given in Vilnius to the European and Taiwanese Earth Science communities who wish to discuss the potential for collaboration with our end user community at Glasgow. Another achievement is that the Earth Science users at Glasgow will be presenting on their use of the Grid to other researchers to raise awareness of the capabilities of these systems when applied to some of the data based research issues encountered within the discipline

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Investigations of the bandwidth achieved from the Glasgow site showed firewall interference. There is currently a work-around. We have established a project in cooporation with ATLAS and network people to understand the achivable bandwidth utilisation.