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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR 12 NGI_UK STFC Denise Small and Claire Devereux


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Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
17 March 2013 Taipei Security Workshop at ISGC2013 1

Co-organised training event with 20 participants in security forensics

8-12 April Manchester EGI Community Forum 8


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
28 January 2013 Amsterdam Evolving EGI and e-FISCAL workshop 1
13 February 2013 CERN GDB 1
28-30 February 2013 Amsterdam EGI Futures Meeting 1
11-12 March 2013 Oxford Recognising "Research Technologists" in research workshop eIPG/EC/JISC workshop 1
11 March 2013 CERN Atlas Software and Computing 1
19-22 March 2013 Taipei ISGC 2013 Conference and APGridPMA Meeting 1, chaired two sessions and

gave security policy talk on IPv6

20-21 March 2013 Switzerland FIM4R 1
26-27 March 2013 Glasgow GridPP30 5 on LHCb clouds and virtual machines
24-25 April 2013 Linkoping Sweden EGI CSCIRT F2F 1


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2.1. Progress Summary

Achievements and Plans


Imperial submitted EMI-2 CREAM (1.14.2 and 1.14.3), EMI-3 L&B and EMI-3 WMS staged-rollout reports. We have been testing the recently released SL6 EMI WN and UI tar balls and sent feedback to the developer. We have continued to maintain and develop the UK 'state of the nation' web-pages ( and tracking the roll out of EMI services in the UK.

Manchester - Alessandra Forti continues as part of the WLCG middleware deployment and perfsonar deployment coordination task forces.

Alessandra routinely maintains the monitoring links and opens tickets for the monitoring pages not working as part of her Monitoring Core Tasks.

Alessandra's cooperation with DPM developers continues as part of the ATLAS testbed for development code, and her other DPM work.

Andrew McNab has continued to support the KeyDocs documentation monitoring system for GridPP national grid support activity, and his automated system for submitting visit notices for travel in use by GridPP.

The GridPP website with its wealth of documentation is maintained by Andrew in Manchester.

2.2. Main Achievements

Imperial - an additional page for EMI-3 staged roll out has also been created ( We have been contributing to the ROD rota.

Manchester - Andrew's site-orientated views of the LHCb job/site monitoring has gone into production, which makes it easier for sites to resolve problems with LHCb jobs. The review of the LHCb DIRAC system and its interoperation with sites and resources which he led has been completed, and Andrew has been appointed to the new Tier-2 co-ordination role within LHCb.

Andrew has played an active role in the GridPP and WLCG/GDB clouds and virtualisation groups, and has proposed procedures for virtual machines' status to be reported to sites. As part of the GridPP cloud area, he has developed a method for sites to create virtual machines using the 'vacuum' model, and successfully demonstrated this with jobs from the LHCb central task queue.

Robert Frank has continued to work on updating the GridPP/NGS VOMS system as it transitions to being a GridPP responsibility again. He is co-ordinating this with VOMS backup installations being set up at other GridPP sites (Oxford and Imperial), and has continued to support existing virtual organisations, and new ones such as He has successfully managed the orderly decommissioning of the old NGS VOMS service.

At Glasgow - the following has been achieved:

Performed EMI Upgrade, Test Cluster Deployment continued.Infrastructure investment from the University specified.Improved Monitoring for the site; Ipv6 Testing: Site joined HEPIX test framework

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Imperial are still awaiting glexec tar balls Looking at alternative solutions
Power and Air con issues site running below full capacity Infrastructure investment and upgrade of systems