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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR6 NGI_CH SWITCH Andres Aeschlimann



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
05-09.09.2011 Karlsruhe Swiss Grid School 2011 (co-organized with GridKa School 2011) 80 Organized and held lectures and tutorials on the ARC middleware


ETHZ only attended conferences, which are related to the physics exploitation, which actually relies nearly exclusively on the proper operation of the grid.

Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
19.09.2011-23.09.2011 Lyon EGI 2011 Technical Forum 1 (ETHZ) + 2 (UZH) + 3 (SWITCH)
11.10.2011 SWITCH NGI_CH InSPIRE project meeting 4 (ETHZ) + 2 (SwiNG) + 1 (FMI) + 2 (SWITCH) (protected)
05.10.2011 - 08.10.2011 Kiev Nordugrid technical workshop 2011 1 (UZH)


These publications include also some which could be realized thanks to the Grid.

Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
Volume number

Pages from - to
Et al?
Measurement of B-Bbar Angular Correlations at √s 7 TeV with the CMS Experiment. CMS-CR-2011-169 arXiv:1110.4751 Christoph Grab
Jet Production Rates in Association with W and Z Bosons in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. CMS-EWK-10-012, CERN-PH-EP-2011-125 arXiv:1110.3226 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2258 authors)
Measurement of the weak mixing angle with the Drell-Yan process in proton-proton collisions at the LHC. CMS-EWK-11-003, CERN-PH-EP-2011-159 arXiv:1110.2682 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2254 authors)
Measurement of energy flow at large pseudorapidities in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 0.9 and 7 TeV. CMS-FWD-10-011, CERN-PH-EP-2011-086 arXiv:1110.0211 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2208 authors)
Forward Energy Flow, Central Charged-Particle Multiplicities, and Pseudorapidity Gaps in W and Z Boson Events from pp Collisions at 7 TeV CMS-FWD-10-008, CERN-PH-EP-2011-141 arXiv:1110.0181 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2239 authors)
Search for a Vector-like Quark with Charge 2/3 in t + Z Events from pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. CMS-EXO-11-005, CERN-PH-EP-2011-139 arXiv:1109.4985 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2252 authors)
Search for Supersymmetry at the LHC in Events with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy. arXiv:1109.2352 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2255 authors)
Measurement of the t $\bar{t} Production Cross Section in pp Collisions at 7 TeV in Lepton + Jets Events Using b-quark Jet Identification. CMS-TOP-10-003, CERN-PH-EP-2011-085 arXiv:1108.3773 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2211 authors)
Measurement of the Differential Cross Section for Isolated Prompt Photon Production in pp Collisions at 7 TeV. CMS-QCD-10-037, CERN-PH-EP-2011-128 arXiv:1108.2044 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2256 authors)
Measurement of the Drell-Yan Cross Section in pp Collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. CMS-EWK-10-007, CERN-PH-EP-2011-093 arXiv:1108.0566 Serguei Chatrchyan et al. (2255 authors)


2.1. Progress Summary

2.1.1. ETHZ

  1. Tier-2 operated according to the MoU Switzerland-- WLCG.
  2. Delivered the pledged resources to WLCG;
  3. Planning of upgrades.

2.1.2. UZH

  1. Provided ARC EA activities as well as coordination with other ARC EA teams.
  2. Consolidated the infrastructure for Early Adopter activities with more flexible VMs.
  3. Reinforced the connections with the other ARC EA teams to better distribute tests.
  4. Feedback sent to EA manager on shortcomings of current validation procedures.

2.1.3 SWITCH


2.2. Main Achievements

2.2.1 ETHZ

Overall for ETHZ (representing CHIPP) :

The main activity was concentrated on

  1. the routine operation of the Swiss Tier-2 being part of WLCG; delivering the resources as pledged to WLCG.
  2. Performing necessary upgrades of the Tier-2 for 2011. Planning upgrades for 2012 - 2014.
  3. Operations and upgrade planning for the Swiss Tier-3s (Geneva, Bern, EPFL, UZH, ETHZ).
  4. Overall securing of personnell and funding for the Swiss Grid operation.


  1. Redeployment of one CREAM-CE server in physical hardware to improve overall performance and reliability.
  2. Configure CREAM servers to use local sandbox (vs. sandbox in shared filesystem) and utilization of ARGUS servers for authentication.
  3. Updated software versions of CREAM-CE, ARGUS and APEL to subsequent UMD releases.
  4. Fixed many problems and errors with CREAM software detected by Swiss CMS community. Specifically, regarding the information system of CREAM-CE.
  5. Managed to integrate ARC-CEs in the production BDII.
  6. Started using KVM in preproduction with the intention to replace Xen in the near future.
  7. Added new Nagios monitoring for local systems as well as included Pakiti to check vulnerabilities in software packages.
  8. Improved integration of monitoring tools to create a pseudo control-center that makes easier to manage/organize CSCS-LCG2.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
CSCS: Scratch FS lustre cannot keep up with the load that some jobs put it to. Working on deploying GPFS with metadata on SSDs. Expected final deployment: QR7.
CSCS: Increasing number of CREAM bugs that make operations unreliable. Updated CREAM CEs to latest versions and planning to stay stable for some time.
CSCS: Affected by some ARGUS and YAIM bugs that disallows the use of ARGUS in HA. Tickets were solved and new updates will be put in upcoming software releases.
CSCS: Many hardware problems with some of our WNs (old SUN Blades). Faulty parts replaced with spares. Update CREAM CE to EMI 1 Update 4 waiting since 2011-10-05 11:12 orphaned ticket? waiting for answer from Condor team waiting for answer from torque developers waiting for waiting for waiting
UZH: As Atlas is now migrating towards ARC1, the monitoring infrastructure needs to be adapted to better test the new services. Few issues have been already identified. GGUSS tickets will be created accordingly.
UZH: As the ARC middleware is rarely deployed in production on SL5 platforms, we questioned the usefulness of the entire UMD validation process of ARC being restricted to a single platform discussion is ongoing within ARC EA teams and the issue has been escalated to EA manager as well as to EGI's Chief Operations Officer.