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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
14/06/2011 - 16/06/2011 Documentation workshop, Zürich Operations procedure manuals, Best Practices wiki pages and GOCWIKI transfer were the main focus of the workshop.
29/07/2011 - 29/07/2011 4th OLA Task Force meeting Evolution of the RP OLA
25/05/2011 Op. Doc.:Operational Procedures Preparation for the Workshop
9/05/2011 Operational Documentation: GOCwiki transfer Finalisation of steps for the transfer

2. Main Achievements

  • The RC OLA[1] has been finalized and approved based on the comments received from the OMB at Vilnius on April on June.
  • With WLCG collaboration, EGI league reports now use the new ACE availability calculation system, which supports different profiles, an important step towards obtaining different reports for different services in the future (ie Core Services).
  • From May 2011 onwards, EGI thresholds for suspending a site have been increased to 70%/75% Availability/Reliability, based on the evaluation perform in recent months

Core Services for uncertified sites

  • WMS, LB, and TopBDII service has been launched to be used for uncertified sites
  • A webpage [2] where the NGI managers can add the uncertified sites has been created and a demo version has been presented in July OMB. NGI managers can use this page to add uncertified sites to the Catch All certification infrastructure.

EGI Catch-All CA

The EGI Catch All CA is servicing 5 countries which do not have a national accredited Certification Authority. These countries are Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Senegal.

  • A deadline was set for closing the GOCWIKI (end of September 2011).
  • The wiki transfer is almost completed. There is effectively nothing left on GOCWIKI.
  • All sections except the ROD part are in excellent shape.  These only need OMB approval for release.
  • The ROD part still needs some work, and feedback form COD would be appreciated.
  • Completed and fully operational.  Only requires people to contribute.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
The problem of getting people to participate in the Operational Documentation group is still an ongoing issue.

4. Plans for the next period

  • Produce a new RP OLA draft, to discuss in the OLA workshop in Lyon
  • Explore the options provided by ACE profiles to obtain reports for NGI/Core services
  • Adjust the WLCG recalculation policy and procedure for EGI sites to EGI needs
  • Investigate options for replication of the ops VO from CERN to EGI catch-all VOMS.

5. Number of sites suspended

Month Suspended sites
Apr 2011 0
May 2011 2
June 2011 7