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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
weekly (phone): Participants Maria Dimou, Helmut Dres, Guenter Grein "shopping list" meeting traceable at:
need driven no INDICO URL one on one meetings with NGI interface developers testing the interfaces, resolving interface issues
need driven no INDICO URL meetings with EGI-SA2 /EMI /IGE definition of the technology support workflows and their implementation
26./27.10.2011 Report Generator f2f Meeting at KIT Consolidated list of requirements

2. Main Achievements

GGUS structure

Support units

A couple of new support units have been introduced during the last quarter. They are

  • NGI_UK
  • NGI_ZA
  • StratusLab
  • EGI Software Provisioning Support ( with an interface to the EGI RT system)
  • SLM

Support units decommissioned in the last quarter are

  • NUST
  • R-GMA
  • ROC_UK/Ireland

All decommissioned support units have been moved to the list of former support units.

The "Operations" support unit was moved from category "Other" to category "EGI" in the support unit drop down list.


VO “” was added to the list of VOs which provide support via GGUS.


The documentation on GGUS interfaces has been moved from PDF files stored at the GGUS server to the EGI wiki:


A "Did you know?" page was introduced directing people’s attention to the latest features and features not widely known. For user’s convenience a downtime check in GOC DB was introduced notifying in case of downtimes of a site specified on ticket submit form. The search results have been extended by a column "Type of Problem" which can be ticked for displaying it. User’s submitting TEAM or ALARM tickets can select a "Problem Type" now. "Problem Type" values are a sub-set of the "Problem Type" values available for USER tickets. The search engine was extended by searching for user DNs.

Report Generator

Workshop with the representatives of EGI (Operations, DMSU, Software Provisioning, Metrics Portal), WLCG, EMI took place, requirements were collected and defined.

GGUS – SNOW interface

SNOW is the ticketing system of CERN. Besides support unit “ROC_CERN” a lot of the EMI 3rd level middleware support units located at CERN are using SNOW. A big effort has been made for defining the processes and implementing ticket synchronization between GGUS and SNOW. Nevertheless further enhancement is needed.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
The GGUS-SNOW interface needs further enhancements and fine tuning for having a reliable synchronization Ongoing analysis with CERN staff

4. Plans for the next period


Opening LHCOPN TTS towards standard GGUS tickets

Discussion with CSIRT

Assessment of adaption of GGUS access model to meet the needs of CSIRT

Report Generator

Planning of the technical design and implenetation of the requirements

Integration of new NGIs

If requested, new NGIs will be integrated in the GGUS support structures