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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
weekly (phone): Participants Maria Dimou, Helmut Dres, Guenter Grein "shopping list" meeting traceable at:
need driven no INDICO URL one on one meetings with NGI interface developers testing the interfaces, resolving interface issues
need driven no INDICO URL meetings with EGI-SA2 /EMI /IGE definition of the technology support workflows and their implementation

2. Main Achievements

During the last quarter a big step towards permanently keeping up to date the documentation about the support units connected to GGUS was taken. All GGUS-FAQs about support units were migrated from PDF documents stored at the GGUS server to the central EGI wiki. It is now fully searchable. After the migration the FAQ entries where checked by the support units, the respective contact persons are now able to update the FAQs with their EGI accounts themselves. The migration is complete the check is done by 97% of the support units. The new FAQ can be found at GGUS:FAQ

New and decommissioned Support Units / VOs
After an analysis of the ticket numbers per support unit and discussions with the contact persons the following support units have been decommissioned or added:
Decommissioned support units: (OCC, NPM, DUS, RAG, VO Management, dCache Experts)
New support units: (Operations, SAGA, EMI Release Management, SAM/Nagios EGI Support)
Additionally the VO “Fusion” was integrated in GGUS.

The integration of NGI is almost complete, 32 NGI are present in GGUS at the moment, their predecessors the so called ROCs could be sorted out meanwhile - besides of a few extra European ROCs.

In order to stay up-to date with the underlying workflow system, AR system was upgraded from 7.1 to 7.5
The Technology Helpdesk is well accepted, in the last quarter around 250 tickets have been processed through it. Via the established interface to the EGI-RT system the first EMI-1 release was announced via the Technology Helpdesk.

Details on technical developments can be found in the GGUS release notes:

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Issue description Issue mitigation
GGUS report generator does not produce all statistics and reports that are needed Collection and review of requirement for the report generator took place. Various development options are currently being evaluated.

4. Plans for the next period

There are various strands of development and maintenance work taking place in the next period. The Technology Helpdesk will need some further finetuning of the workflows and some addional options, e.g. the EGI software provisioning team needs to be able to open tickets against the EMI release management support unit.

As described in the issues section the work on improving the reoprt generator is ongoing. Currently various options how to implement the missing functionality are being evaluated.

Another onging strand of work is the integration of NGIs and the decommisioning of ROCs. Whereas the decommisioning of ROCs is almost finished, except for the extraeuropean ones, there are still a significant number of NGIs not yet integrated in GGUS, which means that they haven't concluded the NGI creation process.