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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
weekly (phone): Participants Maria Dimou, Helmut Dres, Guenter Grein "shopping list" meeting traceable at:
14/03/2011 Joint OTAG-USAG-EMI-IGE Meeting to define a common workflow for GGUS requirements set-up of a GGUS requirements queue in RT, currently in the testing phase
need driven no INDICO URL one on one meetings with NGI interface developers testing the interfaces, resolving interface issues
need driven no INDICO URL meetings with EGI-SA2 /EMI /IGE definition of the technology support workflows and their implementation

2. Main Achievements

During the last quarter one of the main areas of work for GGUS was the definition and implementation of technology related workflows. Work on the technology support workflow continued aqnd resulted in a few refinements and modifications of the technology helpdesk. The main effort was spend in defining and implementing the the software provisioning workflow. Through this workflow the TPs annouce releases by submitting a ticket which is then routed to the EGI-SA2 activity through an interface to the EGI-RT system. Feedbeack concerning the release is also be handled through this ticket which is assigned back to the TP with an "accept" or "reject".

In parallel the decomissioning of ROCs and creation of NGIs continued. NGI_IT and NGI_FI have been created as support units in GGUS. CERN moved to a new ticket system SNOW, which needed to be interfaced to GGUS. The GGUS team worked on this together with the SNOW developers.

A requirements queue for GGUS has been set up in RT to collect input from all parties involved. It is currently in the testing phase. The major difficulty is the required SSO account, as not all customers of GGUS have one.

Details on technical developments can be found in the GGUS release notes:

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Issue description Issue mitigation
GGUS report generator does not produce all statistics and reports that are needed Collection and review of requirement for the report generator took place

4. Plans for the next period

The next quarter will see the first major live test of the technology helpdesk with the EMI-1 release.

During the EGI UF'11 several discussion have taken place between the helpdesk team and the Community Coordination Activity. Resulting in the plan to have two dedicated meetings (one managerial and one technical) to better integrate the helpdesk into the other user centric activities.

Other areas of work in the quarter include the redesign of the GGUS report generator along the lines of the requirements gathered. The review of the support units will continue, to get rid of unused legacy support units and to bring the documentation up-to-date. The integration of NGIs, which is not yet completed will also continue.