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1. Task Meetings

There were no formal task meetings held this quarter. Many internal team meetings and one-to-ones with users, sites, and RIPs.

2. Main Achievements


New ActiveMQ STOMP consumer in pre-production for external testing. Involving all the accounting systems who publish directly into the APEL database .
Engaged with IGE and Unicore through the interoperation task to discuss integrating accounting they collect with the central repository.
Support of sites having problems publishing
Optimisation of infrastructure

Portal: No new releases of the accounting portal during this quarter. The service ran smoothly. The main operational problem was bad data from a site causing the UserDN data to be unavailable.

The new Accounting Portal Roadmap is available in

More VOs can be selected from the CUSTOM view.

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Redevelopment of infrastructure taking longer than planned                         Employing contractor to backfill other duties
Large flow of jobs from sites catching up and republishing, sometime in error,overloaded the service, which resulted in lots of sites failing to publish for a few days.. 
Regular optimisation of the consumer database has greatly increased the capacity of the consumer.

4. Plans for the next period

APEL=A, Portal=P

1. (A) New Central Infrastructure in Production at RAL.

2. (A) Central Server ready to receive records from new clients.

3. (A) All external services ready to start publishing by new method.

4. (A) Workshop at TF
5. (P) FQAN and foreign usage to be deployed (alreadey delivered for test.

6. (P) New ActiveMQ connector with repository to be implemented

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