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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
22-24/11/2010 EMI All-Hands Meeting Messaging workshop discussed how APEL could integrate with the production messaging infrastructure.

Out of band discussions with Unicore and Arc on how they could publish to the EGI Infrastructure.

2. Main Achievements

The central service ran smoothly except for a short outage over the new year break. The service was restored as soon as staff were back at work but unfortunately took longer than usual to catch up due to increased load from sites migrating to glite-APEL.

Developed the architecture for regional and central repositories. A necessary prerequisite for designing a regional distribution. Proposed changes to the message format and database schema. Designed various components and a plan for testing and deployment.

No new releases of the accounting portal during this quarter. The service ran smoothly. We were working in the following issues:

- #GGUS 58980, Wrong Italian Tier2 federations definition on accounting portal
- VO information: Migration from direct Oracle connection to XML feed in CIC portal, modifying the accounting scripts to obtain the data correctly
- Changing the EGEE logo/texts by the EGI logo texts in the accounting and metrics portals
- Decommission of Accounting Enforcement web page,
- Solving an issue with an OSG site (LC-glcc) that was not showed in EGI portal due to one bug

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Sites slow in migrating from glite-MON to glite-APEL. Plan was to complete by end of 2010 and close R-GMA central service.

Deadline was extended until end of Jan 2011 but still 90 sites not migrated.

Deadline extended again until end of February 2011, in next quarter.
It was not possible do the Accounting Portal release planned for December.
Hiring process at CESGA: There is a change in the contracting law at Spain so hiring was delayed. Two people have been contracted at CESGA early January and a second contract was made available early February.

4. Plans for the next period

1. Complete migration of sites to glite-APEL and close R-GMA central service. End of February.

2. New Central Infrastructure in Production at RAL. April

3. Central Server ready to receive records from new clients. April

4. Sites start to migrate to new version of glite-APEL which will use production messaging infrastructure. April.

5. Review Accounting Portal requirements and create a detailed work-plan for the next year.