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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
19/06/2013 TCB ...

2. Main Achievements

  • CPU Accounting:
  1. User Data Retention Policy for CPU Accounting implemented as advertised from 1st July.
  2. Sites using the new SSM 2.0/EMI 3 APEL Client publishing to production APEL server.
  3. ARC/JURA and QCG/MAPPER accounting clients have now successfully tested sending records to the production APEL server using SSM 2.0; there is 1 site using each of these solutions in production to date.
  4. EDGI – Desktop Grid Accounting have successfully sent records to the APEL test server using SSM 2.0;
  5. MPI Accounting using the EMI 3 APEL client has been tested and the summaries of MPI accounting have been verified by the MPI VT.
  6. New versions of the APEL client and server packages have been released in response to RT5615 which highlighted insecure file permissions.
  7. Regional APEL Server is being tested by a number of sites.
  8. OGF Usage Record work: UR 2.0 document has been published.
  • Cloud Accounting:
  1. Summaries of test cloud accounting records, received from 8 of the 10 EGI Fedcloud task resource providers, are now sent twice a day to the EGI Accounting Portal using SSM 2.0

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
There was a network problem overnight on the 22nd/23rd July which caused a break in connectivity to the APEL service. The problems were caused by a router closing down the port linking the network segment containing the APEL service in response to an excess of broadcast traffic. Investigations on the network segment in question did not identify any change in network activity during the period; further investigations showed up some other problems on this router and it was restarted; there has been no reoccurrence of the problem. Some clients will have been unable to connect during the periods where the network connectivity was lost but there were no other issues and the accounting processing “caught up” during the next 2 days.

4. Plans for the next period

Interoperations: Work on updated version of AUR, to be used by Globus/Gridsafe

Enhancements to the Regional APEL Server to include:

  1. Sites can include and exclude certain sites in publishing to the central server, as well as including/excluding VOs.
  2. Additional functionality so that a server can publish the same summaries to several receiving SSMs, this is in response to the requests from OSG/DGAS for summaries to be sent back to them as well as being published to the Accounting Portal.
  3. Improved error handling.