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1. Task Meetings

There are no specific SA1.4 meetings. It was agreed to discuss all deployment issues with operational tool representatives at the JRA1 meetings. Below is the list of JRA1 meetings and subjects relevant for SA1.4 which were discussed.

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
24/05/2012 InSPIRE-JRA1 phone conf Deployment of operational tools next releases.
21/06/2012 InSPIRE-JRA1 phone conf Deployment of operational tools next releases.
19/07/2012 InSPIRE-JRA1 phone conf Deployment of operational tools next releases.

2. Main Achievements

GOCDB read-write portal at was decommissioned on July 31st and replaced by a single read-write version at This consolidated all GOCDB components (including the PI) under the same URL.

GOCDB failover instance is still in progress of upgrade to the latest version.

Two new versions of Operations portal were deployed in this quarter: 2.9.4 on June 12th and 2.9.5 on July 3rd. The major change in new versions is module for availability and reliability of core NGI services. Detailed list of new features can be found in JRA1 section. At the end of the quarter there were four NGI instances: NGI_BY, NGI_CZ, NGI_GRNET and NGI_IBERGRID.

Transition from topic to virtual destination in order to improve synchronization between SAM instances and Operations portal is in progress.

One new versions of SAM was released in this quarter: SAM Update-17 on July 3rd. By the end of the quarter SAM Update-17 was still in staged rollout. Two NGIs finalized process of creation deployed SAM/Nagios instances: NGI_MD and NGI_UA. At the end of the quarter following SAM/Nagios instances were in production:

  • 28 NGI instances covering 39 EGI partners
  • 2 ROC instances covering 2 EGI partners
  • 1 project instance covering 1 EGI partners
  • 3 external ROC instances covering the following regions: Canada, IGALC and LA.

Detailed list of SAM/Nagios instances can be found on the following page: SAM Instances.

First testing instance of new operational tools monitoring was deployed as part of SAM release Update 19 (

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
High availability of central operational tools is needed. GOCDB: dynamic loadbalancing DNS setup is provided for the address Secondary instance in Fraunhofer institute is deployed, but needs to be updated to the latest version.
Monitoring of underperforming sites. Monitoring of availability and reliability of sites and raising alarms in case of issues will be implemented within Operations portal. Full implementation is planned for the next quarter.

4. Plans for the next period

Track and perform planned tests of failover configurations of centralized tools.

Deployment of the new SAM instance dedicated for monitoring operational tools with the new probes provided by operational tools developers.