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1. Task Meetings

Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Url Indico Agenda Title Outcome
08 Nov 2010 Grid Operations Meeting 32 attendants. New dteam voms server. Staged rollout info. SW release workflow. Problematic ggus tickets
22 Nov 2010 Grid Operations Meeting 26 attendants. Staged rollout info. ARC plan for staged rollout. Problematic ggus tickets. ARC probes in Nagios. New CA probes. Ops tools info.
02-03 Dec 2010 Invited talk on interoperability at the NDGF F2F 24 attendants. Discussion involved amongst others EAs for ARC in the Nordic regions
06 Dec 2010 Grid Operations Meeting 30 attendants. Staged rollout info. All components should go into staged rollout in order to be released. Ops tools info. COD issues.
07 Dec 2010 dedicated meeting on "new GOCDB Features needed to integrate all new service-types" 12 attendants (see minutes). Re-definition and feasibility study of UNICORE specific requirements that were lost in the transition between the main GOCDB developers. Afterwards the requirements were correctly put through OTAG.
20 Dec 2010 Grid Operations Meeting 21 attendants. Staged rollout info. NGI EA statistics of staged rollout. New dteam voms server. Ops tools info.
17 Jan 2011 Grid Operations Meeting 26 attendants. Staged rollout info. Operational issues to be collected on wiki. Ops tools info. COD issues.
20 Jan 2011 no url Dedicated SA1 interoperability roadmap meeting 14:30 -15:30 Attendants: Michaela Lechner, Mario David, Emir Imamagic, John Gordon, Overview of interoperability status for Monitoring and Accounting and analysis of realistic future developments and possible showstopers.
31 Jan 2011 Grid Operations Meeting 24 attendants. Staged rollout info. Information about EMI 1.0 release. Operational issues now collected on wiki. Ops tools info. COD issues.

2. Main Achievements

During the reporting period the so called “New SW Release Workflow” (NSRW) has been implemented in the RT queue “sw-rel”, and the notification tests have been performed.

Early Adopter teams: For gLite 3.2 series most of the components are covered with at 1 or more teams, the sole exception presently are the MyProxy, dCache and VOMS_Oracle. Recent addition of EA to test LFC_Oracle from a WLCG T1. In a collective response from ARC sites, several EA teams have volunteered for ARC components. (Mitigation of issue 3 of QR2)

The report template is now used for all staged rollout tests, and uploaded into the document server: Search “staged rollout” in , an example:

The total number of Early Adopter teams is now 40, it includes one more team from a WLCG T1, and a Canadian team, besides all newcomers for ARC.

MS407 could finally be finished giving a complete picture of integration of resources into the EGI production environment.

A draft procedure was produced together with JRA1 on how to integrate new probes into SAM Nagios. Input could also be collected from the ARC probe developer side.

A dedicated meeting was called to clear up the requirements around the urgently needed new features for UNICORE integration in GOCDB. Those could be successfully be re-defined (and thereby mitigating the biggest issue for integration of different resources and middleware stacks of QR2).

3. Issues and Mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
gLite 3.2 components without EA: MyProxy, dCache and VOMS_Oracle Myproxy has already a confirmed volunteer. dCache, discussions ongoing with developers to publicize to the sites deploying dcache, and thus have EA volunteers. VOMS_Oracle, follow a similar approach as was done for LFC_Oracle.
The test of the full chain of SW release is delayed Most of the implementation is completed, and the test is expected early in the next reporting period
UNICORE integration is hampered A new taskforce has been build to enhance and increase communication between the different partners involved and to organize a set of dedicated meetings
Bringing all ARC sites onto the same level A survey is organized among the NGIs involved to better coordinate the switch to the new ARC probes in their regional Nagioses and to collect their plans on how to publish the accounting records

4. Plans for the next period

Objective: to have at least 2 EA teams per component. This is needed if:

  • One team is unavailable (backup).
  • Increase the probability to catch any problems or issues.
  • Increase the heterogeneity of the testing, and eventually different deployment scenarios.

Test the full chain of the SW release Workflow. Opening the GGUS ticket by the Technology Provider, creation of the RT ticket in the “sw-rel” queue for QC Verification, Staged Rollout, and release to production. The staged rollout will be done in the RT queue “staged-rollout” with a child ticket from the one in the “sw-rel” queue.

The end of the period will coincide with the release date of EMI 1.0.

Main plans for interoperations are:

  • Solve the issues above or redefine them at least
  • Bring some relevant procedures from draft into acceptable shape
  • Collect more requirements especially about accounting (already started)
  • Survey together with IGE on best timelines for Globus integration