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Quarterly Report 5 Russia e-Arena A.Kryukov



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
05.05.2011 JINR, Laboratory of Information Technologies, Dubna, Russia JINR Seminar on distributed computing and Grid-technologies 40 P.S. Berezovskiy  (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS):  "Job management in a grid with stand-alone resources" (Materials of Master’s Thesis)
31.05.2011-02.06.2011 JINR, Dubna, Russia ATLAS Computing Technical Interchange Meeting 60 V.Ilyin (SINP MSU) Russian Grid Segment and Tier1 Perspectives V.Korenkov (JINR) Grid Activities in JINR A. Petrosyan, D.Oleynik (JINR) Dubna Tier 3 site. Current Status A. Petrosyan, D.Oleynik (JINR) Tier 3 Monitoring Project. Short term plans N.Kutouski(JINR) JINR infrastructure for Tier 3 simulation. S. Belov, I. Kadochnikov (JINR) xRootd monitoring for local site. Tutorial.
09.06. 2011 JINR, Laboratory of Information Technologies, Dubna, Russia JINR Seminar on distributed computing and Grid-technologies 35 V.V. Galaktionov (JINR)  "GridCom, GridCommander: graphical interface for Grid Jobs and Data management"


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
26.06 -01.07. 2011 JINR, University Centre, Dubna, Russia Scientific school for Teachers from JINR member-states 41 S.Mitsyn (JINR) “What Grid is and how IT helps modern physics”
05.07. 2011 JINR,Dubna, Russia A session of the State Panel on high technology and innovations, devoted to development of scientific research infrastructures of facilities known as facilities of the “mega science” class, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin


>100 Stand “Grid at JINR” presented and Google Earth dynamic overlays for WLCG and experiments shown See photo
4-8.07.2011 Stara Lesna, Slovakia International Conference on mathematical Modeling and Computational Physics 78 V.V.Korenkov (JINR)“Grid Activity in Russia and JINR”
07.07.2011 Special Economic Zone "Dubna" Dubna, Russia Student's scientific and technical school “Future personnel -2011” >100 V.Mitsyn(JINR) excursion at the JINR Grid computing centre. A.Uzhinsky(JINR) lecture “Grid activity in Russia and JINR”
13-29.07 2011 INR, Dubna, Russia 2011 Student Practice in JINR Fields of Research 70 Lecture V.V.Korenkov (JINR)"Laboratory of Information Technologies". Practice for students on grid-technologies and parallel computing
1-10.07.2011 Irkutsk, Russia Information and Mathematics Technology in Science and Economy 50 A.Kryukov (SINP MSU), Grid Infrastructure for National Nanothechmology Network


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2.1. Progress Summary

During the reported quarter, all Russian sites supported the Grid infrastructure. Security update was done by all sites. Monitoring was updated to the latest version. The ROD shifts ran smoothly. Regional operation meeting was organized each month. There were discuss operation problems, experiences were exchanged.

2.2. Main Achievements

The main achievements of Russia are the successful operation of the Grid infrastructure. All sites have patched the security vulnerabilities. Regional Nagios instance was updated to the latest version. New CREAM-CEs were installed.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
We have a problem with A&R of UA-BITP. We are in contact with system administrator of UA-BITP to try to resolve the problem.
Site BDII in SINP ( diagnose that WMS do not publish info. The problem is under investigation.