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EGI-InSPIRE:MS108 Grid oversight

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Notes to contributors

Assessment: (Provide an assessment of the delivery of services over the past year from a managerial perspective; highlight positive areas and areas for improvement; do not include future plans; text should be roughly 1-2 paragraphs)

Score: (assign a numerical score from 1 to 5 with a succinct explanation of what needs to be improved to increase your score – remove numerical description references upon completion) 1 = An unacceptable level of service was delivered

2 = A level of service that was below expectations was delivered

3 = An acceptable service level has been delivered

4 = A level of service that exceeded expectations was delivered, but there is scope for even further improvement

5 = An excellent service has been delivered that should be considered as best practice

Table 4: EGI Global task assessment:Grid oversight
# Name Assessment Score How to Improve
# Grid oversight Currently we are quite happy with how things are going. The Polish and Dutch NGI both contribute to this activity in a coordinating role. All NGIs contribute to this activity by peforming grid oversight in their own region. Most NGIs do this quite well. Sometimes corrective action needs to be taken when a NGIs are not carrying out their task according to grid oversight standards. But this is within acceptable limits and all in all I would say that things are under control. Just a single reminding email suffices in the vast majority of cases. However, at times we come across a lack of knowledge of procedures and on using the operational tools with our ROD teams.

I am also very happy with the Polish-Dutch collaboration. This has proven to be very effective. With respect with level of funding and workload I would say that the 1 fte allocated for grid oversight coordination is barely sufficient but it does not allow for more tasks to be taken onboard.

4 In the EGEE days when this activity was coordinated by France there were only about 10 ROCs to recon with. Then it was fairly easy to create a grid oversite community and have regular face to face meetings where most ROCs were represented. Now that we have many more NGIs then we have had ROCs this creation of a community with regular face to face meetings is somewhat more difficult. Currently, we try to create this community by publishing a newsletter every month and by organising sessions at the EGI tech and user forums.

Another thing we would like to work on improving knowledge of some of our ROD teams. This implies improving the documentation as well as providing training.