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1. Progress on Milestones Deliverables

  • No M&D active
  • QR14 contribution already sent to AMB

2. Critical Issues

  • Nothing new to report

3. Major work done during the past week by task

3.1 TJRA1.1

  • JRA1 Monthly meeting
  • Updating JRA1 roadmap
  • Resource allocation TF: document analysis and new plan
  • Migration of SAM central services: planning of the next steps

3.2 TJRA1.2 TJRA1.3 TJRA1.5

3.2.1 SAM

  • SAM/Nagios instance monitoring EUDAT infrastructure setup at surfSARA
  • SAM/Nagios instance monitoring Cloud resources (FedCloud: Testing ongoing to import results and compute availability
  • Migration of central services - Installation and migration guide written for SAM central service:
    • Agreed to be tested by CNRS
    • Lacks migration of historical data (Oracle DB)
  • Following up bugfixes reported during UP-22 deployment

3.2.2 GOCDB

  • V5.1 released soon ~probably next week
    • Deployed at:
    • New Service Endpoint filters (RT4465)
    • Add link to GOCDB roc object in XML results of 'get_roc_contacts' (RT1423)
    • Highlight on going downtimes (RT1092)
    • Output of get_downtime method (RT1017)
      • Add new ‘get_downtime_nested_services’
  • v5.2 Release (maybe before the Christmas break)
    • Improve notification mechanism on role requests, deletions, additions (RT1102)
    • Adding new attributes to sites/services, e.g. new fields for recording charging costs (RT6060)…….OR use Ext Mech………
    • Extensibility Mechanism (RT3764)

3.2.3 GGUS

  • Next GGUS release 2013-11-27
  • Major issues in GGUS-AB
    • Notification of failures of operational tools through GGUS
    • List of SU which didn't declare willingness to provide support through GGUS.
  • Major issues in Dashboard GGUS-Requirements
    • Set up an xGUS instance for the MAPPER project (next release)
    • Decommission of CIC_HELPDESK and integration of Operations Portal in GGUS
    • Implement a bulk submit feature
    • Introduce new GGUS support unit "EDUPERT„ (next release)

3.2.4 Ops Portal

  • VO Security contact list - Done
  • Deployment of Lavoisier test Infrastructure on the cloud - Done
  • Refactoring of the User Authentication - On going
  • Integration of the global GGUS helpdesk - On going

3.2.5 Accounting Repository

  • Regional Apel Server: South African regional Apel server now moving to production

3.2.6 Accounting Portal

  • Security work
  • Continuing refactor of the code
  • Updated RT tickets on dashboard

3.2.7 Metrics Portal

  • Maintenance
  • RT ticket updating
  • Server updating

3.3 TJRA1.4 (Accounting for new resource types)

3.3.1 Accounting Repository

  • Application Acccounting: Henning Perl and Apel team are writing some code to get a test implementation working.
  • Storage Accounting: 4 sites contacted to provide real-world data. Database dump provided to the accounting portal.
  • MPI Accounting: database dump provided to the accounting portal.

3.3.2 Accounting Portal

  • Cost accounting on Cloud
  • First implementation of storage view

4. Next Meetings

  • Next JRA1 Meeting: 16th December 2013