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QR 7 NGI_DE Germany Jie Tao



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Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
Dec. 1, 2011 Amsterdam Workshop “Towards an integrated information system” LRZ staff To define a common medium and long terms strategy across EGI, EMI and IGE.


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2.1. Progress Summary

In the reported period NGI_DE ran all Grid services smoothly. Operation problems were discussed in the regular coordination meeting. The ROD team worked well. Some sites upgraded the operation software.

2.2. Main Achievements

The main achievements of NGI_DE in the report period were the extension of storage capacity and the upgrade of service software. In addition, some sites participated in Staged Rollout. The following are concrete achievements of sample sites:

  • SCAI performed replacement of SAS disks on the virtualisation nodes with newer and larger models without service interruption. All service-nodes except gLite SE and WMS (those are wip) are now virtualised and managed by puppet for easier maintenance. Torque was upgraded throughout the cluster.
  • DESY-HH migrated most of the services to virtual machines (except batch server); migrated most of the services to EMI release (whenever release was stable and had no problems); added new hardware for the SE's (for atlas-se already in production, for cms-se in commissioning); and migrated Torque server to the recent version.
  • ITWM participated in EMI staged rolled including EMI WN, TORQUE client, and EMI DPM. This site also made replication of the central GOCDB web server.
  • MPPMMU performed gLite-cream update - UPDATE 32 for gLite 3.2.
  • KIT upgraded dCache to 1.9.12-x.
  • Uni-Dresden updated its cluster nodes to SL, running now 512 cores.
  • FZJ Contributed to UNICORE Integration Task Force and plan to solve site certification and OLA issues.
  • LRZ moved Login node of Linux-Cluster from testing to production in the GOCDB.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
DESY-HH had problems with the emi releases. For all problems tickets were created in helpdesk. Recent one - upgrade of tomcat on voms server lead to the malfunction of voms.
SCAI had some smaller hardware issues - problems with unreliable WMS (glite 3.1 version). will be decommissioned; replacement tests with EMI WMS; repeated DPM process crash on DPM_mysql storage element (glite 3.1 version), reason not found yet.
FZJ: Resource Centre Certification and Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement procedures and requirements as currently established do not match the reality of sites offering UNICORE services. Discussions in the UNICORE Integration Task Force are ongoing.
ITWM encountered biomed SAM test failures (GGUS #76614) solved by a reboot, but there are still problems with the top bdii used by biomed for testing used by org.sam.CREAMCE-DirectJobState-biomed).