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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR 5 NGI_DE Germany Jie Tao



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
May 18-20, 2011 Garching at Munich, Germany NGI-DE annual meeting NGI-DE sites and others (D-Grid, IGE); about 80 participants from 12 countries Talks from projects Initiative for Globus in Europe, D-Grid (including DGI-2) and EGI-InSPIRE; workshops on different topics such as support coordination, service monitoring, portals, security, accounting, GT4 migration, and others.

June 27–July 8, 2011 Grid educational event HTW Berlin 50 students Learning the Grid concept and job/data management on the Grids


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
June 14-16, 2011 Zurich ROD Document-ation Workshop KIT ROD staff Main task was to complet the Operations Manuals for EGI Operations teams. Other tasks include Best Practices and the transfer of information in the GOCWIKI to the EGI WIKI.
July 06-07, 2011 Garching at Munich, Germany ATLAS Germany Computing face-to-face meeting ATLAS T1+T2 sites from the region Discussions about ATLAS T1/T2/T3 usage and future Planning
July 11-13, 2011 DESY, Hamburg, Germany WLCG collaboration workshop NGI-DE sites staff Discussion, reports


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2.1. Progress Summary

During the reported quarter, all sites of NGI-DE maintained the Grid infrastructure running smoothly. Encountered problems related to e.g migration, cluster down etc. were solved on time. Security update was done by all sites and some sites were tested with the Security Service Challenge 5. Two sites, Uni-Siegen and Uni-Bonn, were fully recertified and back to production after a short suspending time for migration work. New hardware and storage were added to the infrastructure. NGI-DE monitoring and the ARC monitoring was updated to the latest version and hence supports now the Globus sites. The ROD shifts ran smoothly. Regional operation meeting was organized regularly, where operation problems were reported and discussed, experiences were exchanged, and events & updates were announced.

2.2. Main Achievements

The main achievements of NGI_DE in the report period are the successful operation of the Grid infrastructure in the entire region. Some sites participated in the security service challenge test. Staged Rollout. All sites have patched the security vulnerabilities in time. Regional Nagios instance was updated to the latest version SAM09. New CREAM-CEs were installed. The following are concrete achievements of some sites:

  • FZJ contributed to the UNICORE Integration Task Force and participated in NGI-DE regional operations meetings and Grid operations meetings. This site also participated in the staged rollout of all seven components related to UNICORE.
  • ITWM participated in the EMI staged rolled, including EMI WN, TORQUE client, and EMI DPM. This site aslo migrated various services from gLite 3.2 to EMI(CREAM CE, DPM_Mysql).
  • In DESY-HH two production dcache instances were migrated to the second golden dcache release (EMI-based). Smooth operation of the grid infrastructure was granted with high efficiency even for the user analysis jobs. This site organized an Grid education event for students to learn the Grid.
  • KIT solved all problems related to the corruption of a subcluster and participated in the test of Security Service Challenge. KIT supported the enmr VO (Life sciences project e-NMR) with one of its CREAM CEs. KIT organized the NGI-DE annual meeting.
  • MPPMU installed CREAM CEs and performed the migration of all services to gLite 3.2 (BDII, SRM, CREAM, WNs) as well as migration of WN OS to SL5 (previously was SLES10). This site also conducted general fixes/updates on server OS level, dcache upgrade to, and de-commissioning of old nodes lcg-ce.
  • SCAI migrated BDII and DECH VOMS to gLite 3.2. A new gLite 3.2 LFC server was set up to replace the old glite 3.1 (DECH central LFC & local). Torque/Maui was upgraded and more configuration was moved to Puppet.
  • Uni-Dresden upgraded the NFS server, updated the operating system of WNs and CREAM CEs.
  • WUPPERTAL installed and configured CVMFS for ATLAS CondDB access. A new dCache version was installed (first outside DESY). NFSv4 was testd by this site.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
FZJ: Resource Centre Certification and Resource Centre Operational Level Agreement procedures and requirements as currently established do not match the reality of sites offering UNICORE services Discussions in the UNICORE Integration Task Force are ongoing. These issues are planned to be solved in the next quarter
SCAI encontered a problem: The LFC upgrade script to migrate the database has a bug (script named cns-db-300-to-310). It tries to execute the following query: "UPDATE schema_version SET major = 3, minor = 1, patch = 0". This does not work, as in version 3.0 the correct name of the columns is minor_number, major_number and patch_number. This leads to the problem that yaim tries to execute the upgrade script on every run, because it thinks the schema is still in the old version The problem was fixed by putting the following lines in the script prior to the query: $dbh_cns->do ("ALTER TABLE schema_version CHANGE minor_number minor INTEGER NOT NULL"); $dbh_cns->do ("ALTER TABLE schema_version CHANGE major_number major INTEGER NOT NULL"); $dbh_cns->do ("ALTER TABLE schema_version CHANGE patch_number patch INTEGER NOT NULL");