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France Grilles CNRS Geneviève Romier



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)


Publication title Journal / Proceedings title Journal references
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Et al?
CTCF-mediated transcriptional regulation through cell type-specific chromosome organization in the β-globin locus. Nucleic Acids Research (Nucleic Acids Res) epub ahead of print Junier I., Dale R. K., Hou C., Képès F., Dean A.
Computer-Assisted Scientific Workflow Design Journal of Grid Computing (2013) online Cerezo N., Montagnat J., Blay-Fornarino M.
Fine-Grain Interoperability of Scientific Workflows in Distributed Computing Infrastructures Journal of Grid Computing (2013)
online Plankensteiner K., Prodan R., Janetschek M., Fahringer T., Montagnat J., Rogers D., Harvey I., Taylor I., Balaskó A., Kacsuk P.
Bundle and Pool Architecture for Multi-Language, Robust, Scalable Workflow Executions Journal of Grid Computing (2013) online Rogers D., Harvey I., Truong Huu T., Evans K., Glatard T., Kallel I., Taylor I., Montagnat J., Jones A., Harrison A.


2.1. User Support achievements

The work on the services description in ongoing. A policy was drafted to propose the DIRAC service build on the France Grilles instance to new VOs and a first local VO accepted in "test" status.

France Grilles was presented to the INRA sites administrators during their seminar.

A team is also working to build a user French speaking and collaborative documentation.

2.2. Plans

France Grilles is currently preparing its yearly scientific French speaking meeting This event is co-organised with the "Groupe Calcul". It will take place in Paris (13-14 November 2013). The call for papers was sent to the France Grilles and regional HPC competences center user communities.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description

A French Compchem user asked for help: meeting with a team of experts to study his issues. Work is ongoing.