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EGI-InSPIRE:EC Review Planning

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Draft Timetable for the First Review

This will take place in Amsterdam on the 31st June and be completed on the 1st July.

30th June 2011

  • 9.00 Reviewers meet with EC (Private)
  • 9.30 NA1: Project Overview and Status (Steven Newhouse): Review the financial status of the project, the composition of the consortium, the establishment of etc.
    • 10.00 Q & A
  • 10.15 NA2: Policy & External Interactions (Sergio Andreozzi): Description of the governance structure within EGI and the work of the various bodies. The external interactions that have been established through these groups.
    • 10.35 Q & A
  • 10.45 Break
  • 11.00 NA2: Dissemination and Events (Catherine Gater): Report on the dissemination activity and the major events supported during the first year.
    • 11.20 Q & A
  • 11.30 NA3: User Community Services and Support (Steve Brewer): Report on the activity that has been supported by the project in the user community and the uptake and use of the provided services.
    • 12.00 Q & A
  • 12.15 SA3: Heavy User Community Support (Jamie Shiers): The work of the shared services and tools, and the specific activity within the supported communities.
    • 12.45 Q & A
  • 13.00 Separate buffet lunches for the project and the reviewers
  • 14.00 SA2: Provisioning the Software Infrastructure (Michel Drescher): Priotisation of requirements, the definition of acceptance criteria, the relationship with the technology providers, assessment of the delivered software and its inclusion in the software repository.
    • 14.30 Q & A
  • 14.45: JRA1: Operational Tools (Daniele Cessini)
    • 15.05 Q & A
  • 15.15 Break
  • 15.30 SA1: Operations (Tiziana Ferrari)
    • 16.00 Q & A
  • 16.15 Plans for next year (Steven Newhouse)
    • 16.45 Q & A
  • 17.15 Close
  • 19.00 Separate Dinner for Project & Reviewers

July 1st 2011

  • 08.30 Opportunity for additional questions to the project on the previous day's presentations.
  • 09.30-12.30 Project Management Board
  • 09.30-12.30 Reviewers Discussion (Private)
  • 12.30 Feedback from the Reviewers
  • 13.00 Lunch & Departure
  • 14.00 Room available for reviewers