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Plans of the DMSU work defined in MS502 and MS507 define the process of assingning ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). Further negotiation with Technology providers (the EMI project in particular) shows that for higher priority tickets the ETA is given, and for lower priorities it cannot be assigned reliably (arriving high priority issues can pospone lower ones indefinitely). The revised process is defined below.

  • DMSU: analyze the ticket, try to reproduce and to narrow down the problem; consider for reassignment to the 3rd level support only proven defects in software, documentation etc.'
  • DMSU: upon assignment tickets to the 3rd level, evaluate its priority. The priority is the only way to control how fast the ticket will be handled.
  • The reaction time is defined in SLA between EGI and the TP (from 4h on top-priority to 15d for less-urgent).
  • Time to fix top-priority tickets is ASAP for top-priority, the next release cycle (3 weeks typically) for very-urgent.