EGI-InSPIRE:Amb 2014-08-13

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Activity Reports

NA1 Project Management

Task TNA1.1: Project Management

Task TNA1.2: Project and Consortium Management

Task TNA1.3: Technical Management

Task TNA1.4: Quality Assurance

NA4 Community Engagement

NA4.1 Human Networks coordination


  • Operations network
    • Contributed to the QR for the OMB activities.
    • preparing SLA
    • preparing Technology Provider SLA
    • Perun meeting - understanding what Perun is and how is/can be used in EGI Infrastructure
    • EISCAT/EUDAT final report meeting - reporting on work done by Salvatore:
    • URT meeting agenda preparation and chaired
    • follow-up UMD2 deccommissioning ( services endpoints & APEL-client)
    • follow-up ROD metrics - June sites undeperforming/suspension
    • follow-up UMD provisioning process (new updates entering process for October release)
    • SAM refactor TF - plan reuse of the Probe NagiosWG tools (twiki, meiling-list)



  • No major activities

NA4.2 Communication

NA4.3 Distributed Competence Centre

NA5 Strategy, Policy and Business Development

NA5.1 Strategy, policy and business development

NA5.2 Business models and proof of concepts

SA5 Federated Cloud

SA5.1 Operating a reliable federated institutional IaaS Cloud service

  • Handling cloud security survey responses
  • Coordinating creation of Cloud related support unites in GGUS
  • Perun meeting - understanding what Perun is and how is/can be used in EGI Infrastructure
  • Fed cloud software under UMD - colelcted info on software and responsible people from Salvatore

SA5.2 Participation in Proofs of Concept elicited by EGI

JRA2 Tool Development


JRA2.2 Accounting

JRA2.3 AppDB


Discussion and actions