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EGI-Engage:Project reporting

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The Project Periodic Reports are submitted after each reporting period. see also 1.5 Schedule paragraph here below

Reporting Periods:

  • P1: M1-M12
  • P2: M13-M30

Review Periods:

  • P1: M1-M12
  • P2: M13-M24 - intermediate review
  • P3: M25-M30 - Final review and assessment of P2 periodic report M13-30

EGI-Engage Effort reporting

Author-e is the project reporting tool to monitor efforts consumption and project costs. One to two persons from each partner and 3rd parties will be granted access to the tool. The list of people pre-defined include all members of the financial mailing list. If this is not suitable please inform Project office <>

To login use your SSO account:
If you cannot log in, please check that you have an EGI ENGAGE partner selected as your "project partner" organization at If not, click the "Edit your data" button and select the proper organization. If the problem persist, contact us at

How to report in Authore

Help and guidelines

here (visible after log in)

  1. Report person months
  2. Report costs
  3. Plan budgets over periods
  4. Show reported person months


 (Every 3 months):

  • M + 10 days - Deadline for Partners to report on effort (Actual efforts and costs in preparation for the cost statement. Efforts based on actual consumption and costs of personnel (only) based on estimated PM average costs.)

Who is reporting

  • Tool access is granted to the people registered in the financial mailing list, 2 max per partner
  • An SSO account is required to be registered in any of the EGI-Engage mailing list
  • An SSO account is linked to one email address
  • Each beneficiary and 3rd party is responsible to declare their efforts and costs
  • Contact the project office for assistance


  • Calculating a Person Month (PM)
    • XX days worked * XX hrs per day / xxxx yearly labor hours (excluding holidays)
  • Reporting effort per WP
    • one row for each task within the WP if applicable (eg in SA2: SA2.4 BBMRI, SA2.5 MoBrain ESFRI, ...)
  • Reporting per name or category:
    • You can declare the effort used for each member (name) with their actual monthly salary (tariff)
    • or per category of personnel, eg senior1, junior2, if personnel information is confidential, as long as your data is verifiable in your timesheets and accounting.
  • Intermediate reports
    • 3-month report will be overwritten by 6-month reports
    • 6-month reports will be grouped for the 12-month report (corrections of the previous 6-month will be possible)
  • Reporting cost
    • Tariff means monthly direct cost
    • For the intermediate reports if you can't/don't provide the personnel costs information, Project office will use the monthly average costs of the budget proposal
  • Deviations
    • efforts or budget wise, any deviation must be reported by email to project office and explained in the writing part of the periodic report. Project office must


STEPS (linked to wiki page:

  • Project office submit a draft of the report to AMB at M+15 days.
  • AMB close the review at M+20 days
  • Project office submit a Final report to the PMB at M+25 days.

Financial reporting periods: M1-M12 and M13-M30

  • actual costs and efforts for the first 12 months due at M12+30 days (submission date to EC: 30/04/2016)
  • actual costs and efforts for the last 18 months due at M30+30 days (submission date to EC: 30/11/2017)

Project Review periods: M12, M24 and M30: costs statements not required at M24


  • M1-M3 : estimate effort due at M3+10 days;
  • M1-M6 : efforts and costs used due at M6+10 days
  • M1-M9 : estimate effort due at M9+10 days;
  • M1-M12 Financial reporting:  : Actual effort due at M12+10 days; efforts and costs used due at M12+30 days
  • submission date to EC: 30/04/2016


  • M13-M15 : **estimate effort due at M15+10 days
  • M13-M18 : **efforts and costs used due at M18+10 days
  • M13-M21 : **estimate effort due at M21+10 days;
  • M13-M24 : **efforts and costs used due at M24+10 days; no submission on the portal requested
  • M13-M30 Financial reporting:  : actual costs and efforts for the last 18 months due at M30+30 days
  • submission date to EC: 30/11/2017