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Daniele Bailo, Damian Ulbricht, André Gemund, Horst Schwichtenberg, Diego Scardaci, Alessandro Spinuso, Geneviève Moguilny, Michele Manunta

Use Cases

Two use cases were agreed:

  1. AAI Use case
    Dealing with AAI delegation and incorporating data retrieval, transfer and linkage (D6.13)
    Includes: INGV, GRNET, (GFZ), CYFRONET
  2. Computational use case
    EPOS EGI pilot integrating computational resources and services (D6.19)
    Includes: KNMI, CNRS, SCAI

Use case document download File:EPOS Competence Center USE CASE-DS .doc


The possibility of including partners from the EPOS Satellite Community (EPOS WG14) was discussed and agreed. Michele Manunta joined the discussion. A general agreement was reached on including satellite data in Use Case #2

Roles & Tasks

For each use case two contacts are needed:

  1. a technical contact person, dealing with all the issues about software development, hosting and maintenance and hosting;
  2. a documentation contact person, maintaining all the documentation, the use case description and other material that will in the end be used for the deliverable.

The roles for each use cases are:

  1. AAI Use case
    1. Technical contact: Mariusz Sterzel
    2. Documentation contact: Daniele Bailo , Damian Ulbricht
  1. Computational use case
    1. Technical contact: Alessandro Spinuso
    2. Documentation contact: Geneviève Moguilny

Harmonization of the two use cases documents: Diego Scardaci

Hosting Sites

  1. SCAI, Horst Schwichtenberg, and André Gemünd
  2. CYFRONET, Mariusz Sterzel
  3. CNRS, Geneviève Romier (to be confirmed)
  4. GRNET, Kostas Koumantaros (to be confirmed)


  • Daniele Bailo: create minutes from the meeting
  • Daniele Bailo, Damian Ulbricht and Mariusz Sterzel: work on AAI use case document
  • Daniele Bailo and Alessandro Spinuso: send invitation for Trello collaborative tools
  • Genevieve Moguilny: : updates on the EGI Wiki
  • Diego Scardaci: revise and harmonize the two use case documents
  • Michele Manunta and Diego Scardaci: define the technical details for the Satellite Data pilot
  • Diego Scardaci: send Satellite Data requirements to the EPOS CC resource providers

Next meeting

29th of June at 14.30