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EEP Pilot4

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Welcome to the wiki space of the EGI/EUDAT/PRACE (EEP) collaboration. Several pilot activities were defined to address specific but generic use cases of usage of different resource infrastructures.

Pilot 4: Monitoring and resource discovery


Coordinator: Stephen Burke/ (EGI)

Mailing list: eep-pilot4 at


  • Participants
    • Infrastructures: EGI (S. Burke, T. Ferrari, G. Sipos), EUDAT (M. van de Sanden), PRACE (T. Eissler, I. Saverchenko)
    • Technology Providers: TBD
    • Communities: MAPPER (I. Saverchenko), VERCE (I. Klampanos)
  • Meeting and minutes
  • Actions


  • (1) demonstrate harvesting information on service end-points available, their properties and status from different infrastructures:
    • EUDAT
      • which data stores in the data federation are accessible (e.g. not in downtime, allowing a given user/user community to get space)
      • how much space is available
    • EGI
      • which resources are accessible to my user community matching user requirements?
      • which resources provide enough network capacity
    • PRACE
      • which compute resources which are accessible to me, should be used at a given time?
      • which resources provide the best network transfer performance
  • (2) definition of a profile of minimum set of information that should be available from different infrastructures
  • (3) definition of information schema supported by all infrastructures (or a subset of them) - e.g. GLUE2, GOCDB service repository, will publishing of GLUE 2 information be supported by PRACE/EUDAT?

NEED: define a information discovery workflow for MAPPER


  • MAPPER: 30-04-2013 definition of minimum information profile needed
  • MAPPER: 30-04-2013 draft workflow for information discovery EGI, PRACE, EUDAT
  • EGI/EUDAT/PRACE: 30-05-2013: feasibility study