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This is the e-GRANT release schedule. For general information see the e-GRANT documentation pages.

Releases usually are done every 3 months.

Feature requests and bugs are collected in the EGI Request Tracker.
They are discussed and prioritized on phone conferences e-GRANT Advisory and Testing Board meetings.


Month Date Release Status Testing Date
APR 30.04.2015 in progress 13 - 25.04.2015

April/ May release:


Login as Customer:

login: vo1@email.com

password: vo


login: vo2@email.com

password: vo

- implementation of SLA Document in RA procedure

SLA will be available to generate from any RA Request (available through a PDF icon). Testing (for OTAG) will include conducting RA process as a Customer (documentation: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Resource_Allocation_for_Customer) and checking if the link is available and working). Roksana will handle the process as a Broker.

Note: the PDF version is not final. The layout will be changed soon.

- new implementation of the Find Pools action- tested from the Broker's perspective.

- Pools implemented as documents (handling RA Pools will be similar to handling e.g. RA Request)