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DCH-RP:Sprint Planning 20140401

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  • Michel Drescher (EGI)
  • Claudio Prandoni (Promoter)
  • Eva Toller (RA)
  • Sara Di Giorgio (ICCU)
  • Maciej Brzezniak (PSNC)
  • Michal Jankowski (PSNC)
  • Sanja Hallig (RA)
  • Adam Ronnlund


  • Sprint 15 review
  • Sprint 15 retrospective
  • Sprint 16 planning


  • Updates on the experiments are available on the backlog and Wiki
  • Meeting with DANS revealed that they cannot provide data for our experiments because they do not own the copyright
  • EDItEUR and CT are still not active -> Michel will send them a reminder and meanwhile ask Claus Peter if he has a content provider outside the consortium to be involved in Experiment 3
  • Evaluate the possibility to use data from OPENAIRE (through CNR-ISTI) in Experiment 3 (Claudio, Michel, Claus Peter)
  • Experiment 4 will keep the focus on using the e-CSG with data from Magazzini Digitali and Sprintendenza (ARIADNE)
  • Next meeting will be called by Michel by email as usual and will be held using Webex -> Michel will investigate the possibility to have the Sprint meetings on a fixed time on Mondays