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DCH-RP:Sprint Planning 20140317

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  • Michel Drescher (EGI)
  • Claudio Prandoni (Promoter)
  • Rosette Vandenbroucke (BELSPO)
  • Eva Toller (RA)
  • Sara Di Giorgio (ICCU)
  • Maciej Brzezniak (PSNC)
  • Michal Jankowski (PSNC)
  • Rolf Kallman (RA)
  • Sanja Hallig (RA)
  • Claus Peter Klas (FKV)


  • Sprint 14 review
  • Sprint 14 retrospective
  • Sprint 15 planning


  • Backlog:
  • Wiki:
  • Cooperation agreements with memory institutions are not necessary
  • Michel will subscribe Sara to the WP5 ML and give her the credentials to access and edit the Wiki
  • Experiment 1: EVKM is silent and not participating so far to the meetings, we will wait for BELSPO to decide whether to participate in it otherwise it may be cancelled
  • Experiment 2: still no participation: cancelled
  • Still no answer from Greece and France -> Michel will send a reminder
  • All participants shall put the action items in the backlog and report the results in the Wiki
  • Maciej and Sara gave an update on Experiment 3 (with EUDAT) and 4 (with Magazzini Digitali and ARIADNE)
  • Claus Peter Klas presented workplan and timeline for Experiment 5 -> he will talk offline with Rosette, Tim, Gordon to agree on which data to use for this experiment; the presentation will be available on the indico page
  • Next meeting will be called by Michel by email as usual and will be held using Webex -> Michel will investigate the possibility to have the Sprint meetings on a fixed time on Mondays