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Welcome to the DCH-RP Wiki

The DCH-RP has just been created, and no general structure has been devised yet.

Work Package 5 deals with carrying out the Proofs of Concept (PoC) for this project, and chose the Wiki as one of its collaboration tools.

A DCH glossary is currently being developed and will be successively migrated to this Wiki.

DCH-RP collaborative tools overview

The DCH-RP Wiki is part of a set of collaborative tools that EGI.eu as partner in the DCH-RP Wiki contributes (as is) to the project, serving two purposes:

  • Facilitate collaboration between partners for the duration of the proiect
  • Be assessed as collaborative tools for inclusion in (or exclusion from) the DCH Roadmap

This section provides an overview of the collaborative tools and their intended use.


EGI SSO is primarily used as a identity provisioning and group management system. Every collaborative tool used in EGI is integrated with EGI SSO.

You can reach EGI SSO to review and manage your account at https://www.egi.eu/sso which is at the same time the entry point for any group administrator to manage group membership.

Mailing lists

Mailing lists are scoped around EGI SSO group membership. Usually, each group is used for mailing list administration, but not always. EGI SSO provides a list of services for which a given group is enabled when reviewing one's personal account settings in EGI SSO. Using the mailing list is straight-forward: If a mailing list exists for a given EGI SSO group, then the mailing list's address simply will be: <group name>@mailman.egi.eu, for example dch-rp-wp5@mailman,egi.eu

Document database

The Documents database is accessible for everyone having an EGI SSO account, and being a member of the dch-rp-all SSO group. It is available at https://documents.egi.eu/


The EGI Wiki is open for everyone to read. Members of the SSO group dchrp-all are allowed to write in the Wiki. THe DCH-RP Wiki is accessible at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/DCH-RP:Main_Page

Indico meeting planner

The Indico meeting planner is shared with EGI. A top-level section is available for DCH-RP at https://indico.egi.eu/indico/categoryDisplay.py?categId=87.

Anyone can see all entries, but managers must have an EGI SSO account and be a member of the SSO group dchrp-all.

Discussion forum

The DCH-RP discussion forum is available at https://forum.egi.eu/viewforum.php?f=27&sid=1dbb1e77fb828dd00405f172e0ab568f.

Again, anyone can read any post, but to write posts in the forum an EGI SSO account and membership in dchrp-all SSO group is mandatory.

EGI blog

The EGI blog is available at http://www.egi.eu/blog/.Anyone with an EGI SSO account can write blog posts.