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CC Coordinators: Tommi Nyrönen and Kimmo Mattila (CSC)

CC members' email list: cc-elixir AT

CC meetings:


ELIXIR is a pan-European RI supported by 17 European governments united in a vision to build a sustainable European infrastructure for biological information, supporting life science research and its translation to medicine, agriculture, bioindustries and society. Members of the ELIXIR Competence Centre (CC) will select key life science use case workflows between partners that are representative of many in the community and will have high impact for scientist end-users and use these as drivers to develop demonstrators that will assess the use of EGI cloud resources for tool and/or data services recognised within the ELIXIR community. The CC will also create best practices materials for life science service providers using the experience gained in those tasks and organise events to facilitate discussions between e-Infrastructure and life science communities. The goal is that by the end of the two-year effort ELIXIR service providers feel motivated to use Big Data tools coming from e-Infrastructures, and that e-Infrastructure providers have established processes to support particular life science data analyses. OSG, as an associate partner will organise collaborative discussions co-located with existing events to discuss life science drivers for virtual organisations and research groups.

  1. ELIXIR Finland hosted at CSC (coordinator) - 9PM
  2. ELIXIR Czech Republic hosted at CESNET - 9PM
  3. ELIXIR node hosted at EMBL-EBI and hosting ELIXIR Hub - 5PM
  4. ELIXIR France hosted at CNRS IFB-core - 6PM
  5. ELIXIR Netherlands (DTL) CC hosted at SURFsara - 2PM
  6. ELIXIR Greece part of the node hosted as GRNET - 4PM
  7. University of Indiana representing Open Science Grid - 1.5PM (Unfunded)

The CC is open for other members to join.

Concept and approach

An incremental and iterative approach will be used to build the Competence Centre excellence by bringing together designated life science experts from ELIXIR, and technical experts from EGI’s Federated Cloud. The combined team will be driven by the short term delivery of small and medium size use case objectives as identified through the intersection of the EGI legacy for life science support and the requirements from life science community represented by ELIXIR. Regular meetings among all involved parties will showcase presentations from the ELIXIR technical work program and complementary initiatives such as GEANT’s Enlighten Your Research, and from e-Infrastructure resource providers that respond to the agreed use case objectives.

Task 1 is to agree on life science use cases with high impact with the EGI and ELIXIR communities that can bring new competitive element for Europe. When this work is complete, the project is ready to extend further towards Tasks 2 and 3. The joint use cases need match the skill-base and resources of the CC to deliver them.


Task 1 - Life Science community integration

Task 2 - Life Science community support

Task 3 - Life Science community training

Milestones, deliverables


Virtual Organisation

The Competence Centre has setup a Virtual Organisation in EGI for ELIXIR. The VO contributes to the effort of building a sustainable European infrastructure for biological information, supporting life science research and its translation to medicine, agriculture, bioindustries and society. The Virtual Organisation is part of the ELIXIR Compute Platform and federates cloud computing sites from ELIXIR and EGI institutes.

Relevant events

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