Clouds: a user-centric discussion

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Purpose: Overview of FedCloud TF, demos and discussion about future plans – roadmap and services

Wednesday 28 March, 16:00 - 17:30, Munich


  • 16:00 Opening activity report Steve (based on summaries available on wiki and on Basecamp site)
  • 16:10 Use Case 1 WeNMR
  • 16:25 Use Case 2 PeachNote
  • 16:40 Use Case 3 ???
  • 16:55 TF Testbed Matteo/Michel
  • 17:10 Discussion

Participants from FedCloud TF who will be present at this discussion:

  • Steve Brewer, (Community outreach)
  • Zeeshan Ali Shah, KTH(Venus-C)
  • Alexandre Bonvin, WeNMR (User perspective)
  • Alexander Papaspyrou, TU Dortmund, DE (Standards perspective)

Overview of session

This workshop will present a detailed overview of the Federated Cloud Task Force. It will explain the rationale behind its establishment, describe the mandate for its actions, introduce the participants and their motivation for involvement and present the six workbench scenarios. The Federated Cloud Task Force has been running since October 2011 with the aim of producing a blueprint for the delivery of federated ‘cloud-like’ resources for user communities wishing to exploit resources from multiple EGI sites with flexibility, economy and ease of use. The Task Force comprises resource and technology providers as well as representation from the wider user community. Prototypes are being developed against a series of scenarios which range from simply running a virtual machine image to more complex integrated managed solutions. Resources have been made available from sites across Europe in order to test the scenarios and user communities have been invited to participate in the test cases.

Bringing the achievements of the Task Force to a wider audience is a key goal of this workshop. EGI is a federation of national and domain specific resource infrastructure providers comprised of individual resource centres. Many of these resource centres have been experimenting with the deployment of virtualised management environments to improve the local delivery of services. Many of EGI’s current and new user communities would like to access the flexibility provided by virtualisation across the infrastructure on demand in a ‘cloud like’ environment. Federating these individual virtualised resources is a major priority for EGI that has started with the EGI User Virtualisation Workshop, and the drafting of the EGI Cloud Integration Profile. Embedding a spectrum of user communities in the development and testing of the scenario prototypes will be ensure that the resulting blueprint document will be a comprehensive planning document for the next phase of the infrastructure.

What happens next?


  • demos get converted into production services?
  • more communities invited to provide use cases for implementation?
  • communities/ESFRI projects to provide VM images for us to implement? (I am aware of interest in this)
  • more outreach and promotion?
  • creation of training packages and events to 'train the trainers' at the NGIs/ESFRIs?
  • complete and publicise the Blueprint
  • what are we planning to do at the TF12 in Prague in September?
  • When will the FedCloud TF end?
  • What happens after FedCloud?
  •  ???