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CC-LifeWatch Introduction

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LifeWatch ( ) is a European Research Infrastructure being implemented in Europe: “The LifeWatch research infrastructure is being developed to provide access to data (from different domains), analytical tools and computational facilities to equip scientists with a state-of-the-art virtual research environment for their studies. Data made accessible for a particular project becomes part of the growing infrastructure, and analytical tools developed are added to the available toolbox. User communities can create their own on-line (virtual) laboratories with the subset of resources they need: the architecture is modular, flexible and scalable.” (quoted from LW position statement for H2020, October 2013).

“Developing the LifeWatch Research Infrastructure requires creating an exploratory research environment that allows scientists to find data, combine resources, compose workflows, run analyses, develop models and visualize predictions. User-friendly services to combined data, using established standards and unique identifiers are developed that can be further combined into work flows for different types of questions. Flexibility is offered through grid- or cloud-based computational services. While the facility takes care of access and matching of resources 'under the hood', scientists and other users can focus on the analyses.”

“LifeWatch was founded by a number of large European Networks of Excellence related to various aspects of biodiversity and ecosystems research. After a preparatory project phase funded by FP7, a number of countries have now started with the implementation of LifeWatch, both as an organization and in the technical implementation. LifeWatch aims to be become an ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) under EU law in 2014. LifeWatch is designed as a distributed facility, with three centers for the common facilities. These common facilities are located in Spain (Statutory Seat Seville, ICT core facilities), Italy (Service Centre, Lecce) and the Netherlands (Research and Innovation Centre, Amsterdam)”.

For using EGI infrastructure as a Lifewatch member, you need to apply for joining to Lifewatch VO (Virtual Organization) clicking here with your certificate installed in your browser. (How to get a certificate?)