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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

1.2 Staged rollout updates

1.3 Issue with the latest release of BDII in UMD-2

1.4 Proposal: UMD-2 security support

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

Unable to retrieve the output sandbox in a custom dir from a CREAM CE

see details in GGUS #98368

The command glite-ce-job-output with --dir option fails when the specified path contains 'special' chars, such as '=' or '.' .

$ glite-ce-job-output --dir /var/lib/gridprobes/lhcb.Role=production/emi.cream/CREAMCEDJS/

2013-10-24 10:10:04,637 FATAL - Failed creation of directory [/var/lib/gridprobes/lhcb.Role=production/emi.cream/CREAMCEDJS/]: boost::filesystem::path: invalid name "lhcb.Role=production" in path: "/var/lib/gridprobes/lhcb.Role=production/emi.cream/CREAMCEDJS/"

This bug is present on EMI-2 UI and sl5 EMI-3 UI; the developers are investigating #CREAM-128

2.2 Glue validator alarms

ROD teams have been notified about the new probe that will generate alarms in the Operations Dashboard.

Peter has generated an Excel file containing the Site-BDIIs failing the probe on midmon, mapped into sites and NGIs. The real time status can be checked on midmon.

The possible date to turn on alarms is November 22nd, please contact sites who are failing the test and ask them to debug the problems and provide feedback if there are problems with the results. More information on glue-validator can be found in the manual page maintained by the developer. Remember to run it with the -k option to skip the known issues that cannot be solved at site level.

The glue-validator probe is not affecting AR statistics.

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

Proposed date for the next meeting is November 11th 2013, 14:00 CET

4. Minutes

minutes in indico

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