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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 26 September 2011 14h00 Amsterdam time

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 EMI-1 release status

EMI-1 Update 7

Released on 22 September 2011: Release page

  • Minor releases
    • ARGUS, v. 1.4.0 : Unbundled some libraries: voms-api, trustmanager, bouncy-castle. New configuration for log files.
    • UNICORE TSI & UNCIRE/X, v. 6.4.1: bug fixes and improvements
  • Revision releases

EMI-1 future work

EMI tasks expected for middle October

  • glite-MPI v. 1.1.0
  • GFAL/lcg_util v.1.11.19
  • StoRM SE v.1.7.2
  • LFC v. 1.8.2
  • DPM v. 1.8.2
  • APEL parsers v.1.0.1
  • Hydra v.1.0.1

1.2 Staged Rollout (Mario)

1.2.1 gLite 3.2

  • CREAM 1.6.7: staged rollout almost finished
  • FTS 2.2.5: still in same situation as 2 weeks ago, no EA

1.2.2 UMD1

  • Staged rollout state:
    • EMI-MPI 1.0.1: issues found in staged rollout, will be waiting for the next update to fix them
    • WMS 3.3.3: Two main issues found:
      • Stability problems when DLI is used in the JDL, affects only some limited use cases.
      • Purging of proxy dirs: EMI WMS stops accepting jobs after 31999th submission for the same DN, this is due to a limit of the number of entries in the inode for ext3 filesystems.
  • Upcoming:
    • CA 1.41
    • AMGA
    • BDII site 1.1.0
    • BDII top 1.1.0
    • FTS 2.2.6

1.3 Interoperability

2. Operational Issues

gLite 3.2 critical bugs and patches

3. AOB

3.3 Next meetings

10 October 2011