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General information



  • UMD-4.11.0 - June 29th, 2020 (regular release)
    • APEL-SSM 2.4.1 - Secure Stomp Messenger (SSM) updated - Added a delay when receiver is reconnecting to improve reliability. Improved the log output for SSM receivers so that there are fewer trivial entries and so it's more useful in tracking messages on the filesystem.

argo-ams-library 0.5.1 - included in UMD

  • UMD-4.11.1 - July 21st, 2020 (emergency release)
    • This release contains includes an update of CERN Frontier for CentOS7 and SL6.
  • UMD-4.11.2 - Aug 14th, 2020 (emergency release)
    • This release contains includes an update of dCache for both CentOS7 and SL6.

Preview repository



  • HTCondor-CE probes included in the ARGO_MON_OPERATORS profile on May 13th:
    • (14th Sept) 70 endpoints, 14 CRITICAL, success rate is about 80%
    • on Oct 1st they will be included in the ARGO_MON_CRITICAL profile (A/R computation)
      • please fix the failures by that date
    • working on the probe for the host certificate validity check: GGUS 147386
  • CREAM-CE metrics in the ARGO_MON_OPERATORS profile on May 27th: eu.egi.CREAMCE-JobSubmit, eu.egi.CREAMCE.WN-Csh, eu.egi.CREAMCE.WN-Softver
    • (14th Sept) results: 152 endpoints, 20 WARNING (Timeout occurred (900 sec) ), 24 CRITICAL. Success rate 84.2% (71.1% including the WARNING)
  • When eu.egi.CREAMCE.WN-Softver is successful:
CREAM JobOutput OK: retrieved outputSandbox: ['std.err', 'std.out']

**** std.err ****

**** std.out ****
egee01 has UMD 3.14.4

When it fails:

CREAM JobOutput ERROR [DONE-OK, exitCode=1 ]: retrieved outputSandbox: ['std.err', 'std.out']

**** std.err ****
**** std.out ****
ERROR: unable to find glite, EMI, LCG or UMD WN version on n1037-amd


Feedback from DMSU

Verify configuration records

On a yearly basis, the information registered into GOC-DB need to be verified. NGIs and RCs have been asked to check them. In particular:

  1. NGI managers should review the people registered and the roles assigned to them, and in particular check the following information:
    • E-Mail
    • ROD E-Mail
    • Security E-Mail
NGI Managers should also review the status of the "not certified" RCs, in according to the RC Status Workflow;
  1. RCs administrators should review the people registered and the roles assigned to them, and in particular check the following information:
    • E-Mail
    • telephone numbers
    • CSIRT E-Mail
RC administrators should also review the information related to the registered service endpoints.

The process should be completed by June 22nd.

List of tickets.

  • 30 tickets
  • Not yet solved: 8

Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • sites suspended:

IPv6 readiness plans

CREAM-CE Decommission

  • End of Security Updates and Support: 31st Dec 2020 (Decommissioning deadline)
  • PROC16 Decommission of unsupported software
  • Decommissioning start date: Oct 1st 2020
    • a probe detecting CREAM-CE endpoints will be run, returning WARNING status
  • Nov 1st: probe returns CRITICAL status, alarms created on the ROD dashboard, ROD teams start to create tickets
  • 1st Jan 2021: EGI Ops will start chasing the sites still providing CREAM-CE endpoints
    • By this time service end-points which couldn't be upgraded should be put into downtime by site admin or ROD:

ARC Middleware 5 end of support, migration to ARC 6

  • Status
Date Number of endpoints in BDII Number of GGUS tickets Issues
2020-06-08 75 42 Some ARC endpoints publish a timestamp instead of a version like 5.X.Y; we can fairly assume they are ARC6 nightly builds, but we're going to close the corresponding tickets after explicit confirmation from the site admin.
2020-07-13 53 29 -
2020-09-14 34 18 -

Storage accounting

Many sites stopped the publication of storage accounting records. Opened 57 tickets to fix that.


Next meeting

Oct 12th, 2020