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General information



Next scheduled release is February's UMD 4.10.0:

  • integration of HTCondor-CE still in progress
  • HTCondor-CE released in UMD 4.9.1 pointing to the original documentation (the documentation is OK)
  • still needed to contributed to the WN package
  • there is no particular automatic way provided to EGI sites to configure HTCondor-CE
  • UMD team offers automatic deployments for several well-known products and is willing to provide such kind of recipes; usually these recipes are a result of a * joint effort of the provider together with the UMD team
  • Are NGIs willing to investigate among their site admins about condor/HTCondor-CE skills and contribute with available recipes or help?


Still needs to be restarted

  • product updates delayed
  • planning the "next maor release" based on new technologies
    • need: Dockerfiles, define tests.
    • automating the SR (possible?)
    • manual final verification is always needed
    • kubernetes?

Preview repository




Feedback from DMSU

Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • sites suspended:
    • GR-12-TEIKAV

IPv6 readiness plans

LCGDM end of support and migration to / enabling of DOME

  • Deployment statistics (Jan 10th):
$ ldapsearch -x -LLL -H ldap:// -b "GLUE2GroupID=grid,o=glue" '(&(objectClass=GLUE2Manager)(GLUE2ManagerProductName=DPM))' GLUE2ManagerProductVersion GLUE2ManagerID | grep GLUE2ManagerProductVersion | sort | uniq -c
     4 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.10.0
     1 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.12.0
    65 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.13.0
     2 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.13.1
     7 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.13.2
     6 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.10
     1 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.8
     1 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.8.9
     5 GLUE2ManagerProductVersion: 1.9.0

Liasing with WLCG to follow-up the upgrade. Opened GGUS tickets asking the following:

  • all the sites with older DPM versions than 1.12 are suggested to upgrade to the latest DPM version , following the guide DPM upgrade (chapter 1 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Legacy Flavour" and chapter 2 Upgrade to DPM 1.10.0 "Dome Flavour")
    • DOME and the old LCGDM (srm protocol) will coexist
  • Monitoring: sites should enable the monitoring of the HTTP/WebDav and/or GridFTP endpoints
    • register the storage service endpoint as webdav and/or globus-GRIDFTP service type, with production flag disabled, providing respectively the URL field and the Extension Properties information as explained in the HOWTO21
    • check if the tests are ok
    • switch the production flag to "yes"

List of tickets

Site Ticket Notes
AEGIS03-ELEF-LEDA some problems, trying to complete by first week of november...
ATLAND upgrading first the DPM at AstrogridPUC....
CESGA grid services to be decommissioned in the next months....
INDIACMS-TIFR some problems...
OBSPM they asked for quattor documentation...
TASK problem with starting xrootd...
TR-03-METU to configure QT?
WCSS64 they need some time to gain enough knowledge for doing the upgrade....
GR-07-UOI-HEPLAB some problems with the upgrade....
Hephy-Vienna DPM will be replaced with EOS during Q1 2020
HK-LCG2 before the end of 2019...
ICM before end of December...
IN2P3-IPNL migration to EOS, dpm should be dismissed by mid 2020
IN2P3-IRES January 2020
IR-IPM-HEP waiting for the monitoring...
NIKHEF-ELPROD We won't upgrade. we plan to migrate to dCache before the end of 2019.
TR-10-ULAKBIM by the end of January
UKI-NORTHGRID-SHEF-HEP they plan to decommission the storage and to use XCache
UKI-SCOTGRID-DURHAM migration to CentOS7, first....
UKI-SCOTGRID-ECDF upgrading to CentOS7 first without DOME
UKI-SCOTGRID-GLASGOW plan in progress
UNIBE-LHEP to enable DOME and the monitoring...

HTCondorCE integration

Link to procedure:

GGUS ticket:

Remaining steps:

SECMON failures

Several CEs are failing the job submission tests, preventing pakiti to check the vulnerabilities fixes on the WNs.


Next meeting

February 10th