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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

New releases from the product team are re-posted in a EGI discussion forum: Release announcements from technology providers. The forum reports the release announcements as soon as the developers release it, before the release in UMD and often before they're made available in the EMI repositories.

1.2 Staged rollout updates

U.Tigerstedt reported that he tested dCache 2.6.5. The version is affected by a bug: 
"If you have a permanent migration thread and issue a "save", the next time you save after a restart, 
the migration will be saved as "null", causing a second restart to fail". The problem is tricky because 
it could generate a fail (after a restart) a lot of time after it was triggered.

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

Nothing to report

2.2 SHA-2 monitoring

The Nagios instance midmon continues to monitor the services not supporting SHA-2. An extensive overview will be part of next week's OMB meeting.

Currently there are two products not yet supporting SHA-2:

dCache 2.2.15 has been just released, but it does not contain SHA-2 support. The dCache PT plans to release the 
SHA-2 support for the 2.2.x golden release in an update without other new fewatures or changes. This update with
the SHA-2 support is still expected.

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

Next meeting will be on September 2nd 14:00 CEST

4. Minutes

The comments and questions have been added directly to this Agenda page.

The participants who attended the meetings are:

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