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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

  • EMIR Server v1.3.0 and SERP v1.2.3
    • released on 12.07.2013
    • SERP is a new sub component of EMIR, server endpoint publisher. This release fixes a major issue of database compatibility in the previos version.
  • DPM
    • The next DPM release is being tested in EPEL testing.
  • BDII Core
    • Fixed security vulnerability
    • Bug fixes
  • BDII Site
    • It contains a fix in the ldap info provider script to set to 'Unknown' cached GLUE state attributes
    • Bug fixes
  • BDII Top
    • This new version of the top BDII fixes a bug in the publication of delayed delete GLUE entries.
    • Bug fixes

New releases from the product team are re-posted in a EGI discussion forum: Release announcements from technology providers. The forum reports the release announcements as soon as the developers release it, before the release in UMD and often before they're made available in the EMI repositories.

1.2 Staged rollout updates

  • New in SR:
    • emi-ui - 3.0.2
      • gridsite - 2.1.2
        • This is a hotfix for GridSite, allowing the previously disallowed dash character in delegation IDs. Delegation IDs containing non-alphanumeric characters other than a dot, coma, underscore or dash are rejected. It also properly sets the type of proxy before calling the signing function from caNl.
      • canl - 2.1.2
        • This is a hotfix for a bug whereby the type of proxy to sign whas erroneously hard-coded to a single value for different types of proxies, most importantly affecting RFC proxies.
    • cream - 1.16.1
      • Authentication and authorization in the CREAM service now makes use of the CAnL library. The gLite security libraries are no more required.
      • blah - 1.20.2
        • Memory leak in BNotifier
  • Already in SR:
    • bdii-site - 1.2.1
      • This new version of the site BDII contains a fix in the ldap info provider script to set to 'Unknown' cached GLUE state attributes. Bug fixes:BUG #101709: Set to 'Unknown' ldap info provider cached state attributes for the site BDII.
    • bdii-top - 1.1.1
      • This version of the top BDII fixes a bug in the publication of delayed delete GLUE entries. A new plugin is responsible for publishing cached entries with value 'Unknown' in the corresponding GLUE state attributes. This version also includes a bug fix in the glite-info-update-endpoints script.
    • wms - 3.6.0
      • This version solves the problem with Argus and WMS integration (SL6).
    • voms - 3.2.0
      • VOMS Admin now supports Group managers, a mechanism which allow the hierarchical dispatching of the notification resulting from user VO membership and group membership requests.
    • apel - 2.2.0
      • vulnerability bug fix
U.Tigerstedt reported that he tested dCache 2.6.5. The version is affected by a bug: 
"If you have a permanent migration thread and issue a "save", the next time you save after a restart, 
the migration will be saved as "null", causing a second restart to fail". The problem is tricky because 
it could generate a fail (after a restart) a lot of time after it was triggered.

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

Nothing to report

2.2 SHA-2 monitoring

The Nagios instance midmon continues to monitor the services not supporting SHA-2. An extensive overview will be part of next week's OMB meeting.

Currently there are two products not yet supporting SHA-2:

  • dCache
    • dCache version 2.6.5 has been released by the product team, and currently it is in the UMD software provisioning process.
      • Important to find early adopters to quickly release it in UMD-3
    • The SHA-2 supporting version for the 2.2.x golden release is expected, but not yest released by the product team
      • The target for the 2.2.x version is UMD-2
  • StoRM
    • UMD-3 latest version is 1.11.1 It supports SHA-2 but has some critical load issues. It is recommended not to deploy this version.
    • StoRM PT is testing a new release (1.11.2) which solves the critical issues of the current one.
  • Currently midmon is not generating critical alarms for dCache and StoRM: there are no related alarms in the operations dashboard
  • VOMS monitoring for SHA-2 support is going to be re-enabled today
    • VOMS monitoring was suspended because of a problem in the resource information provider, which was causing some false positives
    • The problem has been identified (was related to a sudo version), and information have been provided to ROD teams, and also the ticket template has been edited to add more information about this issue.
      • In case of a false positive with VOMS site administrators should be able to quickly solve the problem and make the service publish again itself.
dCache 2.2.15 has been just released, but it does not contain SHA-2 support. The dCache PT plans to release the 
SHA-2 support for the 2.2.x golden release in an update without other new fewatures or changes. This update with
the SHA-2 support is still expected.

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

Next meeting will be on September 2nd 14:00 CEST

4. Minutes

The comments and questions have been added directly to this Agenda page.

The participants who attended the meetings are:

  • Alessandro Usai
  • Alexander Kryukov
  • Apostolos Vogklis
  • David Crooks
  • Joao Pina
  • Luis Alves
  • Nicolai Iliuha
  • Nikola Grkic
  • Pavlos Daoglou
  • Peter Slizik
  • Peter Solagna
  • Peter Tylka
  • Raul Lopes,
  • Serge A.Salamanka
  • Ulf Tigerstedt
  • Vanessa Hamar
  • Vasileios Karavasilis