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Detailed agenda Grid Operations Meeting 14 February 2011

1 - Information, MW releases and Staged rollout (Mario)

1.1 - In staged rollout

  • glite 3.1:
    • Upcoming soon (possibly this week):
In Certification FTS/A/M 2.2.5
    • In staged rollout:
DPM 1 EA has found problems, a memory leak does anyone want to try it also
    • Ready for release - staged rollout OK:
lcg-CE 3.1.46
glite-CLUSTER 3.1.4

We will have to evaluate if the LFC and DPM be released into production anyway, since it's the last release of those components in glite 3.1, and the current production release "suffers" from the same problem of memory leak.

  • glite 3.2:
    • Upcoming soon (possibly this week):
Ready for Certification LB 2.1.20
Ready for Certification UI 3.2.9
In Certification WN 3.2.10
In Certification FTS/A/M 2.2.5
    • In staged rollout:
glite-CLUSTER 3.2.2 (No Early Adopter)

1.2 - Information

  • Gathering of requirements for EMI 2.0 - deadline was 10 February
  • The staged rollout wiki Staged-Rollout has been updated, and Staged-rollout-procedures contains information about the procedures/steps that EAs have to follow.
  • New: management interface of Early Adopters and components: being updated (the wiki table of EAs and components will be deprecated in the near future).

2 - Operational issues (all)

  • Batch system support/integration into the MW and in EMI in particular, all on Best Effort:
    • Torque: Nikhef
    • SGE: Cesga, LIP, (Imperial ?) - waiting for more information from EMI (Cream in particular) specially for the GLUE2
    • Condor: PIC?
    • LSF: CERN?, Padova?
  • Major changes in procedures, tools, repositories, affecting sites should be announced well in advance (2 weeks or so):
    • The example of the latest lcg-CA release.
  • Publishing site information in BDII. Proposal to phase out the use of:
    • GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGEE_ROC=<value> --> to be ALWAYS replaced by GlueSiteOtherInfo: EGI_NGI=<value> (regardless of the nature of the Operations Centre: ex EGEE ROC or EGI NGI
    • GlueSiteOtherInfo: GRID=EGEE --> where EGEE should be replaced by EGI (note that this is attribute is a list, and other regional GRID flags can be added to EGI)
    • sites still using these values are available from gstat:
    • Current manual (recently migrated from GOC WIKI)
  • gLite 3.2 support schedule (pag 6): Full support for 18 months and Security only for another 6 months. This applies to previous mw distributions as well:
    • e.g. gLite 3.2 and arc 0.8.x would be fully supported until October 2011, with security updates until April 2012

3 - Operational Tools (Emir)

4 - COD issues (Malgorzata, Luuk)

No issues

5 - AOB

Next meeting: Monday 28 February 2011, 14h00 Amsterdam time

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