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General information

News from URT

  • Preview repository
    • Replace EMI from early 2016 on (will start from a EMI3 mirror)
    • while TPs send usual updates to UMD for verification/ integration, the preview repo goal is to make products available to the community before UMD verification/integration (no QA, just “UMD” community repository)
    • Release monthly, together with provider information (release info, bug fixes, new features...)

Middleware releases and staged rollout

UMD release

  • UMD 3.14.1 released right before Christmas
  • UMD 4.0.0
    • RC / integration test: FTS3, ARC, Site/Top BDII, dCache
    • to be released soon
    • CentOS7 only, SL6 support will be introduced on early 2016 while decommissioning SL5

Staged rollout updates

Under Staged Rollout


In Verification

  • voms-admin-server 3.4.0

Ready to be released


  • we need Early Adopters for CentOS7!

Next releases

Operational issues

Decommissioning dCache 2.6

Decommissioning SL5

  • SL5 support aligned with RHEL5
    • no more "Full support”; end of "Transition" Phase on January 31, 2014 • not getting anymore new software functionalities
    • in "Maintenance" until March 31, 2017 • only urgent/critical fixes until then
  • Supporting CentOS7 in UMD requires to schedule the end of support of SL5 in UMD
    • No more new packages for SL5, only security/important fixes accepted
  • SL5 services must be decommissioned by end of April 2016; broadcast at December, probes will be warning since February 2016 to start helping with decommissioning


Distributing middleware as Docker images

  • releasing UMD4 products as Docker images in addition to RPMs
    • pros: can run on hardware, no virtualization platform needed
    • cons: maybe hard to create/maintain
  • to be provided by TPs and/or volunteer sites
  • possible profiles: site/top BDII, CEs

Monthly Availability/Reliability

Next meeting