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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 10 October 2011 14h00 Amsterdam time

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 EMI-1 release status

External twiki page with status update: EMI update for the EGI Grid Operations Meeting

1.2 WMS 3.3.4

A new WMS release (WMS 3.3.4) is being prepared. It is tracked in this savannah bug:

where the list of addressed RFCs is listed:

So this new WMS addresses also bug #86490 (EMI WMS stops accepting jobs after 31999th submission for the same DN (on ext3)) which was the main reason for not accepting the WMS in UMD. However there is another problem, tracked in this [ ggus ticket].

Basically gridsite has changed the structure of the proxy cache in EMI. In glite there was a flat structure; all proxy files get stored in: /var/glite/proxycache

In EMI, instead, there is a different structure; a proxy file gets created in:


Because of WMS Savanah bug #86490, expired proxy files (and the related directories) didn't get cleaned at all in the WMS. This means that on ext3 (where there can be at most 31999 sub-directories) the WMS couldn't accept anymore jobs for a certain user after 31999th submission for that user.

Even with the fix of that bug there are at any rate problems on ext3:

a: there can be at most 31999 different users submitting to a certain WMS b: there can be more or less 32000 valid (i.e. not expired) proxies for a certain user (I say more or less because the purging of the expired proxy files is done on the WMS by a cron job which runs every 6 hours)

A ticket for this problem (in particular the second one can be an issue) has been filled (it is assigned to the gridsite SU since the issue should be addressed in gridsite).

In the meantime the workaround that can be used to address this issue is to use ext4 when installing a WMS node (on ext4 the limit is increased to 64000 subdirectories).

1.3 Staged Rollout (Mario)

WIKI of staged rollout procedures has been updated to include:

1.3.1 gLite 3.2

Action on MDavid to send a mail to interested parties, EAs and SA1.

1.3.2 UMD1

Components from EMI:

Components from IGE (Globus) all with 1 EA doing the test:

Components in verification status or to be verified:

1.3.3 Candidate list for UMD1.3

UMD 1.3 is scheduled for the 31st October. The candidate products are:

1.3.4 Candidate list for UMD1.4

The UMD 1.4 is scheduled for the end of January 2012, as such if a decision is reached by OMB for early inclusion of WMS 3.3.4 into UMD, then a re-scheduling is necessary. Storm 1.7.2 may profit from this update and be included as well.

1.4 Interoperability

2. Operational Issues

gLite 3.2 critical bugs and patches

3. AOB

New How-To to be reviewed

A new how-to is available in the documentation section of the wiki page: Change the Site-BDII how-to
It is a very simple step-by-step procedure, please review it, and provide comments or suggestions (if any).
Thanks to A.Paolini for sharing this manual.

3.3 Next meetings

24 October 2011

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