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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

Recent, or future planned, releases from the product teams:

1.2 UMD release

UMD 3.8.0 released on 24.07.2014 :

1.3 Staged rollout updates

  • In verfication:
    • cream-lsf 2.0.4
    • cream-slurm 1.0.2
    • cream-torque 2.1.4
    • canl.sl5 2.2.4
    • cream-ge 2.3.0
    • dcache 2.6.31
    • dpm-argus 1.8.8
    • gfal2-utils 1.0.0
    • gfal2-python 1.5.0
    • gfalfs 1.5.0
  • active:
    • qcg-broker 3.4.0 (first release in SL6)
  • Ready to be released:
    • ...


  • Some sites have the contact points for the EA adopters outdated so please check in table if all contacts and products are still correct and send me email if you need to add / remove some contacts (SSO account mandatory): (full site list)

New Products

FTS3, SQUID and CVMFS will soon be include in UMD and it is important to have some early adopters for this components. So if you anyone interested please contact me or cristina to be included in the early adopter list.

1.4 Next releases

  • End of October
  • Mid of Dicember

2. Operational issues

2.1 Report from DMSU

ARGUS/WMS Certificate Chain Mixups

  • Affecting several sites, where WMS is unable to make SSL connection to ARGUS.
  • With all probability this is a combination of using curl from the SL6 distribution, which in built with NSS SSL rather than OpenSSL and, as such, does not really support proxy certificates, and a bug in Java, hopefully fixed since Java 7 Update 60.
  • Related issues:
  • This issue is already being investigated at 3rd level but PTs cannot decide who is responsible ant DMSU is overseeing.

CREAM CLI/GridSite SegFaults at Long-Lived Proxies

L&B & CREAM Update Issues - on EMI repositories

    • EMI 3 Update 18 solves some of the issues introduced with the previous update:

2.2 EMI-2 decommissioning

  • Probes are running in midmon: Documentation.
    • All products but dCache are being retired as previously announced. dCache extended the support for the 2.2.x versions until July 2014 - We are starting planning the decommissioning of 2.2.X version
    • Important Notes:
      • APEL is one of the UMD 2/EMI 2 services no more supported - but there are still sites (23 sites as of 15.06.2014) publishing accounting information using UMD 2/EMI 2 APEL clients - see list available at: APEL consumer
        • Tutorial on how to migrate APEL clients from EMI 2 to EMI 3 - available at APEL @ EGI CF 2014
        • Following-up with sites publishing using the UMD2 APEL clients - - GGUS "Sites using UMD2 APEL clients"
          • - only one still reported - NGI_NL/BelGrid-UCL
          • - the others are in process of upgrading (

  • Following up with COD - GGUS #106354
  • *NGIs with UMD2/EMI2 services - as of 08.09.2014*:
    • AsiaPacific
      • TW-eScience, Taiwan-LCG2, IN-DAE-VECC-02, TW-EMI-PPS, IN-DAE-VECC-02, TOKYO-LCG2, TW-NCUHEP - GGUS #106427

  • UMD2 (andUMD1) repositories are "frozen", and the possibility to automatically use (through yum and apt-get) them will be disabled.

2.3 June Availability/Reliability & Sites Suspension

2.4 SAM Nagios probes re-factoring

3. AOB

3.1 XYZ

3.2 Next meeting

Oct 6, 2014 - if enough participants available

4. Minutes