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General information

News from URT

UMD release

  • Preparation of the UMD-4 SL6 release

Staged rollout updates

  • dcache 2.13.17
  • voms-admin 3.4.0 (soon)
  • storm 1.11.10 (soon)

Next releases

Operational issues

Aligning Fedcloud sites to the A/R procedures

  • EGI Operations proposal to align Fedcloud sites to the A/R related procedures used for the grid sites
    • based on the availability reliability of monitored services in cloudmon, EGI Operations will start follow up with underperforming sites as we are doing for every grid sites
    • sites will NOT be suspended for a/r performance at least until end of May
  • in parallel EGI Operations will start PROC08 to include cloud probes in the EGI_CRITICAL and EGI profiles used for A/R computations (IN PROGRESS)

The proposed timeline is:

  • February 2016:
    • EGI Operations will check the status of the production cloud services in order to understand which issues (if any) the site has and provide help to NGIs and sites;
    • Start of the integration of cloud probes in EGI CRITICAL profile(current set+openstack): To be agreed with the ARGO team, PROC08 will be followed
  • June 2016:
    • Starting notification of sites eligible for suspension

FedCloud status

Issues at cloud sites

Grouped by NGI, please follow up with sites.

Getting help on issues

Updating Federated_Cloud_Operation wiki

Decommissioning SL5

Decommissioning dCache 2.6


Monthly Availability/Reliability

  • Last three months report availabile on ARGO
  • Problems follow-up:
    • AfricaArabia: ticket
      • Overall A/R: 12.67/12.67
      • RCs eligible to suspension: EG-ZC-T3, ZA-CHPC, ZA-UJ
    • CERN: ticket
      • Overall A/R: 33.22/33.22
      • there were problems on the regional SAM instances, solved in January
    • NGI_ARMGRID: ticket
      • Overall A/R: 77.43/77.43
    • NGI_DE: ticket
      • the underperforming RCs (SCAI, UNI-DORTMUND) are recovering from the issues
    • NGI_GRNET: ticket
      • RC eligible for suspension: GR-04-FORTH-ICS
    • NGI_IT: ticket
      • the underperforming RC INFN-NAPOLI-PAMELA seems to be recovering, waiting for a confirmation
    • NGI_MARGI: ticket
      • no monitoring data available since January
      • RC eligible for suspension: MK-03-FINKI
    • NGI_MD:
      • Overall A/R: 61.89/61.89
      • the underperforming RC MD-02-IMI is recovering
    • ROC_LA: ticket
      • no monitoring data available for CBPF
      • RC eligible for suspension: UFAL

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