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Detailed agenda: Grid Operations Meeting 07 January 2013

EVO direct link Pwd: gridops
EVO details Indico page

Note: If EVO is not available WebEX will be used, details here. Please, try EVO first

1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1. Update on the status of EMI updates

Cristina Aiftimiei (EMI) reports on the EMI updates. Twiki page with more information

1.2. Staged Rollout

  • From EMI1 we have 2 products - to be included in the next UMD1 update:
    • Gridsite 1.7.25 which is under verification
      • Digicert certificate proxies rejected by mod_gridsite
    • L&B 3.2.9 in Stage Rollout (solves an security issue)
  • From IGE there are several products:
    • To be verified:
    • In staged rollout:
    • Globus default security 5.2.2
    • Grobus rls 5.2.2
    • Globus MyProxy 5.2.2

  • From EMI2 there are several products:
    • In Stage Rollout:
      • All ARC 2.0.1 components
      • WMS 3.4.0
        • Will wait for the new WMS 3.4.1
    • In verification:
      • Cream 1.14.2
      • Cream Torque 2.0.0-2
      • Gridsite 1.7.25
      • Blah 1.18.2
1.2.1 Recent UMD releases

2. Operational Issues

2.1 Status of unsupported middleware update

2.1.1 Status of the tickets on the security dashboard

Currently there are 43 sites still with a ticket assigned by COD:

  • AsiaPacific 4
  • NGI_BG 2
  • NGI_BY 1
  • NGI_CH 2
  • NGI_DE 2
  • NGI_NL 14
  • NGI_RO 2
  • ROC_Canada 3
  • ROC_LA 2
  • Russia 4

Some of these sites may have upgraded the services in the last week, if there are no alarms in the security dashboard the tickets will be closed by COD.

  • If the downtimes opened for sites who did not upgrade have expired, and the sites still have alarms in the security dashboard, a new downtime must be opened. COD will follow up these sites in the coming days. NGIs must ask sites to provide an updated upgrade plan.
2.1.2 dCache/LFC/WN/DPM

gLite instances of dCache, LFC, worker nodes and DPM must be upgraded to UMD/EMI before the end of this month.

  • dCache is monitored using the security dashboard, tickets handled by COD
  • WN, DPM, LFC probes raise alarms in the ROD dashboard, and the tickets are being opened and handled by ROD team.
2.1.3 VOMS

Currently there are still 6 VOMS instances to be upgraded:

  • Russia 1
  • NGI_BG 1
  • ROC_LA 3
  • NGI_IL 1 is contacting directly the NGIs to ask for a status update by the end of the week.

2.1.4 EMI-1 probes

The probes for the EMI-1 components are not ready (only for some components), they are expected by the end of this week. After they're

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

4. Minutes