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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1. Update on the status of EMI updates

1.2. Staged Rollout

2. Operational Issues

2.2 Updates from DMSU

problems with EMI-3 STORM

see details in GGUS #92819

For the moment we recommended NOT to upgrade STORM to EMI-3 (or the clean installation) because when you launch consecutive lcg-gt calls, they fail with a Requested file is busy error. For example:

$ lcg-cp -b file:/home/enol/std.out -U srmv2 srm://
$ lcg-gt -b -T srmv2 srm:// gsiftp gsi
$ lcg-gt -b -T srmv2 srm:// gsiftp
srm:// [SE][StatusOfGetRequest][SRM_FILE_BUSY] Requested file is busy (in an incompatible state with PTG)
lcg_gt: Invalid argument"

For each protocol published by the SE, the nagios SRM probes do a lcg-gt which will return a CRITICAL state.

WMS on sl6 doesn't work with ARGUS

see details in GGUS #92773

WMS on sl6 cannot use ARGUS as authorization system: because SL6 uses the NSS library instead of OpenSSL, the proxy are not correctly handled. It is a known problem in NSS, and will not be corrected soon.

critical issues on EMI-3 VOMS: wait for the release of EMI-3 first update

We have found some issues that affect the service functionality and in particular make the installation and operation of the service problematic for deployments with large number of VOs:

VOMSES startup script fails in restarting VOMSES web app

VOMS Admin service incorrectly parses truststore refresh period from configuration

Standalone VOMS Admin service deployment is not suitable for deployments with large number of VOs (> 10)

These issues have already been acknowledged by the developers and are being currently fixed. A new version of voms-admin-service fixing the above issues is scheduled for release on April 18th. For this reason, and given the stability of the EMI 2 VOMS services, we recommend NOT to upgrade now and wait for the version that will be released in the first EMI-3 update.

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

4. Minutes

Minutes available online

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