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1. Middleware releases and staged rollout

1.1 News from URT

1.2 Staged rollout updates

New In SR:

Presently under Staged Rollout:

U.Tigerstedt asked if there have been progresses in testing IPv6 capabilities of the components, in particular the VOMS service. EGI SA2 will start such tests in the coming days.

1.3 Next UMD releases

A new update for UMD-3 will be released as soon as the test of GSIssh is completed. If StoRM is released in the meantime it will be also added to this release.

2 Operational issues

2.1 Updates from DMSU

Nothing to report.

2.2 Host name in the host certificates

As reported in several GGUS tickets (Rules for issuing certificates for hosts with an alias, Problems related to a myproxy service). Host certificates must have the hostname used to reach the service in either the CN or DNS fields (Common Name and Alternate Subject Name). Please make sure to provide all the needed information to your CA when requesting a new host certificate.

Following up the problems reported in the myproxy GGUS ticket, I checked the certificates of the myproxy services registered in GOCDB and identified 7 instances with wrong certificate details:

I will open GGUS tickets vs these sites.

2.3 Registering Argus services in GOCDB

The implementation of the emergency user suspension framework requires the registration of the ARGUS services in GOCDB.

A.Paolini (NGI_IT) and D.Crooks (NGI_UK) will report about the status of the respective NGIs
More information about the central emergency user suspension can be found here

2.4 UserDN publication in the accouting records

Reminder: follow with sites generating alarms for non published User DN. Currently only few sites have 'critical' failures on that check:

39 APEL services are returning 'Unknown', many of them are sites not publishing accounting at all.

2.5 CVMFS webinar

Catalin Condurache (STFC) will present a webinar about a CVMFS infrastructure for EGI VOs.

2.6 AAI workshop at TF Madrid

AAI workshop on Tuesday September 17th at 11:00

The "Changing the AAI services landscape" workshop focuses on the IOTA "Identifier-Only" assurance level under definition within IGTF.

The aim is to define a complete and adequate assurance framework for the various services in EGI, taking into account work already done by the communities themselves, the NGIs, and the resource centres, and to prevent duplication of effort within that trust chain.

The IOTA profile under development aims to define a lighter weight vetting framework to complement already available data to reach an acceptable level of assurance -- taking into account both flexibility for users and VREs and the value of the resources protected by these 'IOTA credentials'.

The target of the session is:

3. AOB

3.2 Next meeting

September 23rd, h14:00 Amsterdam time.

4. Minutes


Alessandro Paolini
Apostolos Vogklis
David Crooks
Emir Imamagic
Feyza Eryol
Joao Pina
Luis Alves
Mathilde Romberg
Nikola Grkic
Pavlos Daoglou
Peter Slizik
Peter Tylka
Raul Lopes
Ulf Tigerstedt
Vanessa HAMAR
Apostolos Voglis

Comments and questions have been added in the agenda directly

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