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Access Chipster with CSG


This guide is intended for researchers who want to use Chipster (v3.11.2), is a user-friendly software for analyzing high-throughput data such as NGS and microarrays, in the cloud-based resources provided by EGI.

The Chipster server configured at CESGA offers:

This how-to has been tested in the EGI Applications on Demand Infrastructure.

The only pre-requisite to access and use the Chipster testbed is to be a member of this infrastructure.


In this guide we will show how to

How to access the Chipster testbed

To access the Chipster tested, a valid account is needed.

How to create a temporary account with CSG

In this section we will show how to create this temporary account using the JSR 286 portlet available in the Catania Science Portal.

To use the portlet to create/renew the temporary account click here and provide the needed information in the second accordion as showed below:

Chipster 1.png

When the new account is create/renewed, the user will be notified by the following message:

Chipster 3.png

Now you can use these credentials to access the server

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