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ssm-0.10 installation

This information is here for reference, but it is not a good idea to install version 0.10, because version 1.2 is more up to date.

The SSM is now available either as a zip file or as a pre-packaged RPM.

Installation and removal instructions are now packaged with the SSM in the README file. If you would like to read it before you install the SSM, here is the version included with ssm-0.10: APEL/SSM/README010.

Once you have installed the SSM, see these pages:

Installing without the RPM

This shouldn't be too difficult.

  • Extract the zip file to a local directory
  • set SSM_HOME as that directory
  • make sure your user has read access to the specified certificate and key
  • choose a location for the logfile (see APEL/SSMConfiguration)
  • $SSM_HOME/bin/run-ssm - to run once

If you want to run as a daemon process:

  • choose a location for the pidfile (see APEL/SSMConfiguration)
  • $SSM_HOME/bin/run-ssm -d
  • kill `cat <pidfile-location>` - to kill the daemon


The instructions are the same as version 0.10, except: Please note: omitted from the released README file is one step:

  • yum install python-ldap