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  • Service name: DIRAC4EGI


DIRAC service is provided to the EGI community as a workload management service used to distribute the users' computing tasks among the available resources both HTC and cloud. The service will support established Virtual Organization as well as the long tail of users.

Given the critical nature of the activity bid must contain an availability and continuity plan for the service.

Technical description

The DIRAC4EGI service is a cluster of instances to allow the users to submit computational tasks to the HTC and Cloud services, monitor the status and retrieve the results. Users interact with DIRAC both using GUI and API.

The component of the DIRAC service are:

  • DIRAC WMS server (multiple high performance machines)
  • DIRAC DB (MySQL) server (high performance, large memory machine)
  • DIRAC REST server (medium sized machine)
  • DIRAC Web server (low CPU, high memory machine)
  • DIRAC configuration server (low CPU, high memory machine)
  • DIRAC data manager service (low CPU, high memory machine)


  • With the virtual organizations, to support the technical configuration and training
  • With EGI user support team and Operations to gather requirements and use cases


  • Operate the technical services
  • Configure new VOs in the DIRAC4EGI service
  • Handle security requests
  • Provision usage statistics upon request


  • Requirements gathering
  • Documentation


Support is provided through the it-support mailing list and the dedicated ggus support unit.

Service level target

Services must have Availability of 99% on a monthly basis.


Bids planning a total effort of 10 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.