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Security is recognised as an important aspect of e-Infrastructures and requires coordination between the EGI participants at various levels, in particular for the prevention and handling of incidents.

To keep a distributed infrastructure secure there is need for a coordination activity of the security effort at NGI and resource center level, and for tools that automatically test the EGI sites for vulnerabilities.

Technical description

The security coordination activities must liaise with the resource providers (~40 among NGIs and EIROS) the resource centres (~350) and oversee the technologies used in the production infrastructure, for example: O.S. Platforms, HTC, Cloud, Storage, AAI capabilities.

The service includes the following components.



The provisioning of this activity includes the operations and maintenance of the operational tools that support security, namely:


Support through the EGI helpdesk to users and service providers. Support through for the incident handling.

Support hours: eight hours a day , Monday to Friday – excluding public holidays of the hosting organization.

Service level targets


Bids planning a total effort between 20 and 24 Person Months/year would allow these services and activities to be addressed appropriately.

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